Sunday, 29 September 2019

Writing Update - Pre-order, promo, rebranding, & newsletter

Pre-Order and Promo Price

Enchanted Dreams is now available for pre-order at retailers (not Amazon yet. I'm waiting on Amazon who because I've gone through a 3rd Party, will not review until release date of 4th October.)

I decided to have promo price of 99c (US) until the end of October (regular price: $1.99)


For a couple of years, I've wanted to rebrand even undertaking Nikki Logan's Author Branding online course (via Romance Writers of Australia) last year to help me along with that.

Finally, the rebranding is done and I've launched my new brand - Beyond The Looking Glass. I fell in love the image by artist Elena Schweitzer. It has an other-word magical feel, which is exactly what I wanted.

I even came up with a symbol which I used in to seperate the stories from my Author's note in Enchanted Dreams.

The fairy served me well for years but alas it's time to move on. So long...

And finally last but not least, I have changed newsletter providers and created a new signup.



AJ Blythe said...

Did you create the EK swirly ampersandy style design? It's very cool. Well done Eleni xx

Eleni Konstantine said...

Hey AJ, Yes, I did. I put my graphic design background to use with my trusty Wacom Tablet and managed to get a symbol I was happy with. :) Thanks for the compliment.

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