Sunday 30 June 2024

Romance Author Panel & more writerly things

 Hello to all.

It's been a long time since I've blogged. Because I hadn't been writing, I didn't feel like I had anything to say. 

But now I do.

First of all, I'll be on the Paranormal / Fantasy Romance panel at the Romance Author Panel on 3 August at Ngutungka West Lakes.

As you can see there are more sessions for the day.

While the event is free, you do have to book.

Paranormal / Fantasy Romance 

Historical Romance

Contemporary Romance

Rural Romance

Secondly, I'm heading to the Romance Writers of Australia conference in August. It's in my home town. It's been a long time since I've been to conference and looking forward to catching up with writerly friends and to meet new authors.  It's also a way to kickstart my writing again. 

Tickets are still selling. 

If you're a reader, there's the book signing with many romance authors, writing all sorts of sub-genres. 

I have been volunteering for the Romance Writers of Australia as one of the Hearts Talk Design Editors. It's been interesting as the format is on an online platform which is for mobiles (Mobimag). The magazine is full of writerly information and is for RWAus members only. 

I have been writing articles and conducting interviews, which has been inspiring. 

I've still been coordinating the DarkSide DownUnder. It's had a little bit of a change on the blog with the DarkSider News now being in broken up into type: Events; New Releases & Sales; General news; Pre-Orders & Covers. It's to avoid the posts being too long. 

We also have Magic Thursday - topic by one of our members, and DarkLight On - usually an author interview of one of our members.

Come and have a look! 

How do I do this with chronic conditions? 

What I do is not 9-5. I'm able to mix and match my days. I do things in bite sized pieces. I'm not at the computer all day. I just can't. I used to push myself many years ago but it's not possible anymore. I need to move.

One thing that has suffered is my pre-made covers as HelzKat Designs. I have been working on some custom work this year but the PM covers have pretty much stalled. 

Yes, it's to do with the above but I've also been - gasp - writing again!!

I'm working on a dragon short story collection. Yes, the same collection I had talked about pre-covid. Who would have thought a few years later fantasy romance aka romantasy would be the 'it' thing in the reading world.

It has been uplifting to know that there is an audience out there for my work. I'm not chasing the trend, but just working on stories I would have written anyway. Some are fantasy, some fantasy romance, all with dragons. I mean, who doesn't love dragons!

So watch this space! 


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