Sunday, 14 November 2010

Prepping & Some Good News....

I'm finally using PowerPoint for my Blogging presentation and I'm learning these nifty ways to have your text and images animate on the screen.

It's been pretty time consuming getting my presentation notes in a logical sequence, and now I'm making sure everything makes sense and works. Next will be the run through for time....fingers crossed.

I haven't done much else this week other than some blog work, and a bit on my Hearts Talk project.
No writing :(( Still I think I needed a break after my competition entries.

Some good news 

Ny flash fantasy story, Mirror, Mirror, has been accepted by MindFlights - an online magazine. I haven't any details yet, but am happy to have another short accepted.

Also, The Bucket will appear on a podcast on Beam Me Up in the future. I will get you more details. What a thrill it was to hear someone likes my story enough that they want to read it out on their show.

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