Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Writing Buddy Wednesday: Emmeline Lock

Today in the Taverna I have SARA and Darksider buddy, Emmeline Lock. I first met Emmeline when she visited my blog for Eleni-fest many moons ago. I then met her at an author event, and have been online buddies and meeting buddies since. And boy, can she make me laugh.

Welcome Emmeline and over to you.....


When Eleni and I got to cyber-chatting about moi doing a spot on Writing Buddy Wednesday (henceforth, WBW), I was all like, "Yeah, LOVE to come hang at the Taverna with you Eleni. It's the most happening place! I'll bring the wine." Eleni asked about providing questions, or would I prefer to be left to my own devices, and I said, "Dude, it's totally cool. I'll just come up with a post, it'll be hunky dory."

Of course, I said this, knowing full well that I had WEEKS to get something together. You know how things seem so much easier when they're further away? Yeah. Had one of those moments. I swear, the further into the silly season I get, the more my brain resembles that gloop you make with cornflour and water. If you work really hard and fast, it holds together.

Lose interest, and you've got a pile of wet flour sitting on your lap where you'd rather it not be.

But, that is another story for another time.

Now I come to writing my post, I wonder if I perhaps--in light of the gloop brain phenomenon--should have let Eleni structure some questions for me. Sigh. You know what they say about hindsight.

So, I'm bringing you the next best thing - I'm going to interrogate myself! I know. Awesome.

You never know, I might learn something. I might not, too. Argh. The suspense is killing me!

Emmeline 1 (henceforth, E1. Like the bananas, only I'm not wearing pyjamas. Or maybe I am. You'll never know.): Vegemite or Promite? (Don't ever say this isn't going to be hard-hitting.)

Emmeline 2 (henceforth, E2. And you still don't know if I'm sitting at the keyboard in my pyjamas. Could be. It's only 3pm...): Wash your mouth out, E1. Vegemite all the way. That other stuff tastes like a science experiment. A failed one.

E1: Day or night?
E2: I would really love to say night, because it's far cooler, but I'm kinda always asleep then. Kids wreak havoc on your night life, let me tell you.

E1: Angels or Demons?
E2: Oooh, good one, E1! You should totally be on Sixty Minutes. I'd have to say both. Angelic demons and bad boy angels get my boat afloatin'. Same could be said for Steampunk dirigible captains or scottish lairds, to be honest. To be honest, any kind of romantic dalliance--I'm there. Said it before, and I'll say it again. I'm a romance floozy. ;)

E1: eBook or print?
E2: eBook, mainly because it appeals to my sense of immediate gratification. Impatient? Me? Never. But I nearly always finish a book between the hours of 10pm and 2 am (If I haven't fallen asleep and maimed myself with the iPad), and I always WANT ANOTHER ONE RIGHT NOW! That said, I have six book shelves full of fabulous print books. Mmmm. Really, I love both.

E1: Novel or novella?
E2: I'm going to get splinters in my unmentionables, but I'm going to sit the fence again on this one. Both have their place. During busy times of gloop brain, I adore a great novella. And there are some fabulous ones out there. One does not have to look any further than Australia for some supremely awesome authors (Yes, I'm looking at you, my gorgeous and clever CP, Anna Hackett). That said, if there's down time to be had, a book that grips me all day and all night has a lot going for it.

E1: NCIS, or CSI Miami?
E2: That's not even a contest is it? Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the bomb, even if he is a little pigeon-toed. He's a babe magnet, all brooding, mysterious and deep. And how can you go past Di Nozzo and his pithy one-liners? I'm firmly of the belief that Horatio Cane is actually a vampire at the forefront of the Vampire Apocalypse, which I predict for future episodes. Nothing else would explain his penchant for wearing sunglasses during the day, and the fact that he is the colour of uncooked bread dough even though he lives in Miami. 

E1: Firefly or Star Wars?
E2: Sooo eviiillll! Diabolical, even! Don't make me chose! Oh, who am I kidding? Nathan Fillion is the master. That said, Han Solo is highly memorable and I have for ever wanted Princess Leia danish-pastries-over-the-ears hair. Fashionable, and tasty, if you're ever stuck in the lift between the flight deck and the cargo hold. 

E1: Romantic Suspense or Paranormal Romance?
E2: Ah, Tricky one. As long as it has romance, I'll read it. All kinds, all positions *wink*. But if I'm writing it, it's speculative all the way. And probably has a few wisecracks in it. They seem to leak out when I'm trying to be serious. I'm terrible at disciplining my children. 

E1: Red wine or white wine?
E2: Yes. Thank you. ;)

Many thanks for entertaining me at the Taverna today, Eleni. I must say, your bar boys are some of the finest I've seen. I particularly appreciate the shirtless bow-ties. I'll definitely be back. ;)

Thanks Emmeline. Very hard hitting journalism.
 Those bar boys were especially ordered for ;)

You too can follow Emmeline's witty blog posts here.


Claire Baxter said...

Emmeline2, you make me laugh. Emmeline1, you're not bad either.

Great interview. Thoroughly enjoyed it!


Jenny Schwartz said...

Ha! you SHOULD be on Sixty Minutes :)

Fun post. Thanks, Emmeline. And thanks, Eleni, you invite the nicest people :)

Emmeline Lock said...

Hullo Eleni.

Thanks ever so much for having me at the Taverna, I had a blast. I hope the bar boys recover soon and that the cleanup crew managed to get all the broken glass.

Wear shoes for a bit. :)

Em xx

Emmeline Lock said...

Hi there Claire!

Lovely to see you here. Sorry about the mess.

Both Emmelines say thanks.

Em. ;)

Emmeline Lock said...

Hello Jenny,

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming to say hi. I'm just off to buff up my resume for 60Mins, even though I suspect I might have a better face for radio. :)


Anna Hackett said...

Em, you crack me up...both of you! Awesome, hard-hitting and as always hilarious interview!!

Oh, and thanks for the clever & gorgeous comment...knew there was a reason I keep you around! Oh right, you help me whip all my stories into shape, too.

Now, as I keep telling you, get to work writing some hilarious romance for me to read!!!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks Claire, Jenny, and Anna for saying hi to the two Emmelines. :) You wouldn't believe the mess they left.

Em - The poor bar boys are in the corner rocking. I'm not going to ask what you two did with them ;) Oh, and all the broken glass is accounted for.

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