Saturday 16 June 2012

Stunning Saturday: Cave paintings - 35,000 BCE

Here is another area we've studied in Art History - the Cave Paintings found in France about 35,000 BCE.

It's amazing to think how our humans drew on cave walls depicting what they saw around them, but also it's believed they depicted animals as the Shamans (or equivalent) saw the animals in visions.  And really have we progressed so much. If you think of the tools and technology available then, these are actually stunning pieces of work.

Images from Lauscaux and other cave painting sites... I had downloaded the images for research and study purposes. Of course, I'm all about sharing....

Have you a favourite? I don't. I think they are all amazing.



Jenny Schwartz said...

I love the images you found. I can never decide whether the drawn animals or the simple handprints appeal more. Both make the distant past very human, very real.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Don't they, Jenny? And yes, they both have their own appeal.

I rewatched the documentary regarding and it seems that it was sensory deprivation that made the artists hallucinate and draw the visions. Fascinating.

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