Thursday, 2 June 2016

A little bump in the road

It's been a while, I know. 

After being busy with dad's one year memorial services in March, I was going to take a small break and then begin my slow road to writing regularly and catching up with some projects. 

It started off well- I even managed to do some design work but I found that I was having a downward spiral with my fatigue, pain and general well being. While I've had a few good days and moments, it hasn't been sustainable or consistent. Most days I need a solid sleep in the afternoon as my sleep at night is not restful. 

I haven't really been at my computer and usually only skim my emails on my phone. It's very frustrating when there are so many things I'd like to undertake and be consistent on. I have managed  step by slow step to get a couple of projects done at home that have been hanging around for ages. 

I'd been thinking I needed to check in a couple of weeks ago and my lack of computer time had this go to the back of my mind. Right now, I'm laying down using an iPhone app to write this. Love that the words pop up so it helps not having to type up each letter of the post. 

I have done fly ins to social media but not really been involved. Mainly I have been watching TV and reading. I've borrowed audio books that I can hear on the phone as I rest. And I'm trying to tackle the mountainous to be read pile one book at a time. 

I'll keep on keeping on and hope this bump doesn't continue for too much longer. 


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