Friday, 22 January 2016

Flash Fiction Friday: Diaspora and some inspiration behind it

I have a body of flash fiction behind me and I wanted to share some on the blog (though you can get to them from my website).

Here is my first flash fiction that I had done as part of a Clayton's challenge many years ago. The theme had been 'left behind' and a picture of my grandmother came into my head as had a moving song by the Greek singer, Glykeria.


The land cried out for all those who had dispersed from its shores. The old woman sat on the wooden stool knitting with a tear in her eye, blistered hands trying to work a delicate pattern into shape. It is for her grandchild, half a world away. The seeds of a generation lost to this land, who had taken root in another. Here was her life and her world; she could not go with them. She was lucky – she still had family with her. But like the land, while it lessened the loss and the ache, she still missed them.


I hope you enjoyed.

I think it appropriate I post at a time when there is such a migration of people today their leaving war torn countries behind by any means necessary. My heart goes out to these people as how could they stay even if they wanted to - the places they flee from are in rubble. 

*rant begins* 
Some people forget there have been countless migrations before with people wanting a better life for their children, so please don't ostracise. Humanity and kindness shouldn't have any borders. Remember it could be any one of us.
*rant over*


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