Sunday, 3 January 2016

Changing gears...

Dearest blog readers,

Time seems to pass me by with all things but blogging and writing. But I feel that I will turn the corner soon enough. I’ve gone down a gear since end October, and now the new year  is here, there will be another gear change down.

Space Project
The school project with Master 11 was a blast - we learned about different aspects of space by reading and watching documentaries, visiting the planetarium, and of course research on the net - including how to do a 'rocket'. We eventually did have success using effervescent tablets in warm water and plastic bottles (thanks to my brother- I am hopeless at that sort of thing). Lots of fun and I was honoured to be chosen to do the project with him. I was also happy to learn a new skill in using iMovie. (Unfortunately, I can’t show you the movie because of copyright of images - okay for school projects but not for putting it out there - but also because of the privacy I keep for my family.)

Blogging OWL
The Blogging OWL went very well I thought, and I was lucky to have an amazing co-presenter in Daniel de Lorne who took the lead as I dealt with some health issues. Blogging is such a big topic and we managed to fit it into 4 one-two hour sessions. Another new skill learned was using software to present in real time. I keep on learning new things every time I revisit the topic, and new resources as well. 

If you're looking for online courses for your writing, check out the Romance Writers of Australia OWLs - the new year will have a range of new topics soon.

What’s next?
I am catching up some design work and some volunteer work to pass on, but in the new few weeks, I want to get back into my writing and working on my stories. My brain has been so overfull in the last few years, that it slowly lost its creative drive for capturing my stories. It’s still in my head of course, but all my energy had been diverted elsewhere. And therefore, I’ve been too tired to concentrate in the way that I want.

The good thing is that on the whole my reading has increased - there a few busy weeks where again, it takes a back seat and while the stories are gripping, it’s my mind that is too tired to follow. But on the whole I’m able to read a little a day. I managed 49 books last year which is an increase from 24 books in 2014 (hey that's double!).

Check out Eleni's Library to keep up with what I am reading, including how I'm going in my 60 Book Reading Challenge for 2016 (also widget on the sidebar of this blog).

Since 2015 was such a horrid year for me personally, I'm glad for the freshness that a new year brings. I hope to be around more and get back to some more regular features but I'm not rushing myself. 

Have a fantabulous 2016 everyone!! Take care.


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