Friday, 15 June 2012

Enchanted Realms blurbs

I have been so snowed under lately that I haven't even posted my blurbs for my short story collection.

Here they are:


Thom may be used to the dangers of the forest, but nothing has prepared him for this. When he stumbles across a woman dressed in weird clothing lying on the ground during a storm, he has no choice but to help her.

Ellie finds herself in another world, having travelled through time and space thanks to what Thom calls The Rifts. The question is whether she will ever be able to find her way back, or if she will be stuck in this new world forever. Or if she will even want to go home…


Vera’s dreams are haunted each night by a man she only knows as Angel Eyes. He feels more real to her than anything else in her life, including her fiancĂ©. Vera must try to forget her childish dreams of soul mates and happily ever after… but are they really only dreams or can she find a way to be with Angel Eyes forever?

And Enchanted Realms has a page on the Musa Publishing site. How exciting!!

You can read the excerpts for the stories there. Let me know what you think.


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