Sunday, 25 April 2010

Going to Sun, Surf and Sizzle conference

Well it's official, I'm going to the Sun, Surf and Sizzle Conference - the Romance Writers of Australia conference - in August. Woohoo!!

I can't tell you how excited I am about this!! And lucky as well. A combination of sharing accommodation at Club Booty (- as in Bootcampers people!) and assistance from RWAus has made this possible. So thank you! 

The greatest thing about the conference is meeting with like-minded people and talking shop - as much as non-writing people try and understand, they don't get 'it'. Maybe if I say to those folks that it's like talking about your favourite subject in the world - be it cars, music, shoes even - writing is that and more. Because there is so much emotion involved in it. 

So there is going to be three days of shop talk. There is a lot on offer for me as a fantasy writer who has romantic elements in their work. And it is there I'll collect my copies of Little Gems with my winning entry as the cover. Talk about being over the moon. 

Another conference that I'm hoping against hope that I will be able to go to is WorldCon being held in Australia this year, hence the title of it is AussieCon 4. It is THE conference for science fiction and fantasy in the world. I'm waiting on funding on that - fingers crossed. 

I learned last year via attending Hot August Nights and conducting Eleni-fest, how important conferences and relationships forged there are to writers. It can be a lonely road, and while the internet has helped lessen that loneliness, there's nothing like a face-to-face conference. It definitely gave me a boost last year. And as I struggle along the road to publication, these conferences definitely help me grow as a writer. As Socrates said, we are always students. I like that. 

And today here in Australia and New Zealand (it is the 25th here in SA), it's Anzac Day. Please spare a moment to think of those who gave their lives fighting for this country. Lest We Forget!


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