Monday, 11 January 2010


As everyone across the blogging world writes down their goals or resolutions for 2010, I have yet to come up with mine. Is it procrastination on my part? A little but I think it is more that there is so much happening right now in my life that I'm just dealing with day-to-day things. 

Writing - at a standstill. It's like my creativity has been sucked out by dad's surgery and this over 40C heat!

Reading - very slow. Just reading abit of Nikki's book Lights, Camera...Kiss the Boss as I fall into bed just utterly tired from my hectic days. It's a great book to finish the day off with. So my challenges look weak over at my book blog, Eleni's Library.

Studying - onto assignment 8. Now at the hard part. Have to write two 1000-1500 word reports. Eeek formal reports. 

Grants reports - I still have yet to do my reports for Arts SA and my local council - as I went straight from Eleni-fest to renovation clean up/hospital running around. So I've started collating the information.

Office clean up - I have made a start to this. Though to anyone else's eyes it would look I haven't made progress. I can SEE the carpet. Who would have thunk? I had a nice area on the couch during Eleni-fest but once all the prizes left, stuff just sort of migrated there (that's a better way than saying I chucked things there - LOL). So trying the slow and steady approach.

But the fun part of all is that I've pulled a neck muscle so it hurts to do anything for too long ATM. 

So my goals & aspirations for 2010 - hmmm...they will have to be general & then I'll have set smaller tasks to achieve them. 

My goal overall is balance - creating a balance with all the areas of my life. This is an ongoing battle as long-time readers of this blog know. It is harder when I feel differently every day with my energy levels. So that has to be taken into consideration.


  • seek agent representation
  • finish final final overview of HD 
  • finish first draft of DT & start polishing
  • Finish & submit Gateway to Hell (novellete).
  • Attend Adelaide Roadshow
  • Hopefully attend the RWAus National Conference in August. 

For my 2010 goals check out Eleni's Library. But really it's trying to tackle the TBR pile & get it under control. Not like that's possible because there is so much wonderfully talented authors who continue to release wonderful books, so it's ever growing.

Health - balance as needed.

Study - finish course by mid-April.

RWAus roles - continue to do my bits & pieces for RWAus. Need to set up reminders for my monthly tasks.

Networking - maintain my blogs, the Bootcamper 101 blog & website, the SARA website & news page.

Contest - I've actually been working on doing a cover design for a contest. So I am letting my creativeness out in other avenues. So enter this by its due date. 

So not real 'set' timeframes but general directional goals. I now have to think HOW I'm going to accomplish these. You know breaking down the tasks into achievable chunks. it may seem like I'm procrastinating but really it's planning & being flexible enough when life throws things your way ;))

Hope 2010 is fantastic for everyone!!

And don't forget to check out the LoveCats DownUnder blog that has launched today - there will be some prizes happening during this week. 


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