Sunday, 31 January 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Well I have finally gotten around to do this. CAM and Mel Teshco both awarded me this award quite some time ago. 

My challenge should I accept it is to write 7 fun and interesting things about myself. Fun? Interesting? Hmmm.... well maybe let's just say some facts about me ;)

1. I was made in Greece, hatched in South Africa & raised in Australia (from 6 months old). I am officially an Aussie since birth (since I was born as an Australian overseas). Though getting a birth certificate was an interesting process!

2. I cried when Elvis Presley passed away even though I was only 4. Thanks to the influence of my cousin I knew his movies and music. 

3. I'm a klutz but for once it wasn't my fault when a hotel shower door came off in my hands. Lucky it didn't hit the wall & shatter. Though it did hit my foot.

4. I used to drive a CM Valiant. I'm short and the car is tank like but it was a smooth ride with power steering. I miss the ol' girl. One thing about driving her, people did get out of my way! (photo is the same model & colour but not the actual car)

5. I did ceramics with my mum for years. I mainly worked on fantasy designs - wizards, dragons, sorceress, and castles especially. I started a fantasy chess set but it's still not done - eeek! The paints I bought would have probably all dried up by now.

6. I hoard scrap paper. You know reduce, reuse, recycle. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!

and last but definitely not least
7. I was in the birthing room when my godson was born. It was such an honour being there & and an amazing experience. I was very blessed especially since I held him within half an hour of his birth. He's almost 6 now. Where have the years gone?

OK so that's me done. Now I'm meant to nominate 7 others to do this. So I nominate:

and anyone else that wants to participate. 

Of course you don't have to :))


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