Friday, 20 November 2009

Survey & past week

When I went to clicked the link for the survey re Eleni-fest, it showed up as closed. Have no idea why. Wonderful world of technology - probably the operator (ie me) did something. 

So it is working again - the link is on the right hand sidebar. And I've got it here also. So if you tried and the surveyl was closed, and you are willing, can you please have a look. 


So what have I been doing:

- studying (another assignment bites the dust)
- a little bit of writing
- some final polishing of HD
- organising and posting out Eleni-fest prizes
- SARA meeting - fabulous Elizabeth Rolls had a terrific Show Don't Tell presentation on Prince Caspian (book and movie)
- Trying to catch up with people

What is in store for the coming week:

- Booticonline - branding and history sessions
- catching up with friends
- going to go watch New Moon
- start next assignment for my course (7 assignments to go by end April - shudder)
- set some goals for coming few months
- and start massive clean up of study... notice I said start because it's going take me much longer than a week to get this space into shape.
- oh and sleep :))) (hoping)

Less is more?

Have been less on Twitter as I'm trying to catch up with things that have fallen behind. I've caught up with all my group emails (I think), so yay there. But I'm also spending less time blog reading as well. So I may skim, but I don't necessarily comment. Just depends on how tired I am and the time I have. 

Basically what the conference and Eleni-fest has reinforced is that to make it as a writer, you need to write, write, write. So simple, yet easily to be distracted from it. So I need to concentrate on that aspect as well as the social networking side. Balance. Gosh that seems to be flashing in all parts of my life right now - balance, Eleni, balance. OK Universe...maybe this time it will sink in ;))

Wow, I thought my brain wouldn't come up with anything for a post and lookey here...who would have thunk the words actually make some sort of sense (hoping anyway!)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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