Saturday, 28 November 2009

Best laid plans...

Whenever I make plans, it never goes according to them....
- starting next assignment
- working on goals
- study clean up 
has not happened. Sad face - though have been doing clean up after renovations - lovely stuff like wiping the dust off walls, cupboards etc. Oh fun, oh fun, oh fun. (You got that was sarcastic right?) Problem is that my fibromyalgia is playing up - that means my muscles are aching and my right arm especially feels like it's going to sleep. So hence clean up has to be in spurts, otherwise I'm down for the count.

I did visit my chiro and pilates this week and my chiro did say I would hate him the following day - he was right. My joints ached and so did my muscles. I hadn't been that 'stuck' for awhile. 

I've been lucky to have caught up with some friends and Master 5 this week. Though the poor mite has a cold. 

I did see New Moon and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The director did a good job of keeping it true to the book's feel (well as much as you can when a book is in 1st person). The FX were done well on the whole and I got taken away with the story. I loved the depiction of Bella's depression and the months passing by. Really shows depression and the dark hole a person is in. It was very very effective.
I know there are critics of the books and the movies, but really for me I think getting teenage girls to read has to be a good thing. Even if they don't agree with the choice. Stephenie Meyer has made it cool to read for that demographic as JK Rowling did for a younger audience. And that to me is fantastic.

My next reward book will be Breaking Dawn. Yes, behind the times, but it had to wait its turn like every other book does :)) Yes, I've heard bits and pieces about it but mostly I have been trying to block my ears and go 'la la la', so I don't ruin it completely.

I just finished The Stolen Princess by Anne Gracie - absolute gold. Loved it. So have ordered the next two books in the Devil Riders series. I loved the depth of the characters, the humour of Gabe, the seriousness of Callie and her coming out of her shell. 

Oh and I finished watching season 1 of to get Season 2 after I watch Season 2 of The Tudors.

OK gotta get back to dusting...there's windows to tackle. My life is SUCH an adventure!!

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