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Eleni-fest: Rachel Bailey on How To Get Published

Today we have the brilliant, supportive and volunteer extraordinaire Rachel Bailey as my special guest on Eleni-fest. Rachel writes for Silhouette Desire and her debut book Claiming His Brought Bride will be released in January in the US. Congrats Rachel! Rachel will be talking today about How to Get Published.

Welcome Rachel to Eleni’s Taverna and Eleni-fest!

Take it away....(& I hope you like the piccies I chose *wink*)

Since getting ‘the call’ a bit over a year ago, I’ve been asked more than once by other writers, ‘how do I get published?’. So I’ve made a list of my suggestions. It’s by no means a comprehensive list (or even original ideas), but it’s my guide to getting you on your way.

1. Write, write and write some more. Nothing teaches you as much about writing as the act of writing itself.

2. Read the genre you’re writing – especially new authors in that genre because that’s what’s selling now.

3. Network with other writers. Go to conferences, join an e-loop, a face to face group, etc.

4. Get feedback on your work. Contests are great for this, or if you’re in RWAustralia or RWNew Zealand, the CP scheme will help you find someone to swap work with.

5. Hone your craft. Read articles, attend workshops and conferences.

6. Write, write and write some more. J

7. Keep up with industry news.  Writers’ organisation newsletters are good for this. Sometimes a publishing house changes its guidelines, and you need to keep up to date.

8. Make use of opportunities that come your way, eg., publisher on-line pitches or contests, schemes within your writers’ organisation, going to author chats at conferences, etc.

9. Know where you want to be published. Target your submissions to use your time efficiently and also to ensure you don’t find yourself locked in somewhere you don’t want to be.

10. Write, write and write some moreJ

So what do you think? Has anything on the list been more helpful so far than others for you? Or is there something there that’s been really hard for you to accomplish?

Also, if you have a suggestion that’s not on the list, please let us know in the comments!

One commenter will receive a copy of my first book, Claiming His Bought Bride (as soon as I get copies myself!) which will be out in January in the US and February down under.

Thanks for having me on Eleni-fest!

You are welcome Rachel and thank you for joining us. Doesn't Claiming His Brought Bride have a stunning cover everyone?!! Definitely worth the wait! 

Note: Rachel will be joining us in the late afternoon.

Please comment by the end of 2nd November for your chance to win a copy. 

Comments are now closed. Congratulations to Christina Phillips AND Serena. That's right, Rachel decided to give two copies away. Thanks Rachel!!!

Good Luck! and thanks Rachel for your generosity!

Don't forget to check out Rachel's website here.

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