Thursday, 2 July 2009

Reading Challenge

I've been doing the monthly reading challenges for Harlequin community users. Not very successfully I might add. Oh, yes, I am reading more than I have for awhile, but my reading for one book seems to be in fits and starts at the moment. I read a couple of chapters of one book, then go to another. Currently I have 4 on the go. But at least I'm reading, right?

Well I've reached 42 books for the challenge so far this year and this month, for the first time, I read all the books in the challenge. Woohoo! It's here I'm not sure if non-Harlequin community users can see it though. So I managed to get 10 books done this month (some have been lingering for a long long while though), and covered the letters for the word, Fatherhood.

I'm using these challenges to keep myself reading, get my TBR down (the never-ending battle) be aware of the market out there, as well as reading in a range of types. This month, I finished an autobiography, a graphic novel, some short stories, a Nocturne Bites, four HM&Bs, a non-fiction book, two paranormal romances, a children's and one crime.  And each book I read helps Harlequin's pledge to donate one book to the National Centre for Family Literacy.

So you if you are on the Harlequin community boards, it's never too late to sign up for the challenge. 

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