Sunday, 28 December 2008

Tagged... 16 things about me

I was tagged by Christina Phillips for 16 random things about me.... I'm not planning on tagging anyone in blogosphere though.

Here goes - sorry my life just isn't that exciting...

1. I recently fell asleep with my glasses on and broke one of the arms off.

2. I love wheat but should be wary of it…grrrr… though I did have a small slice of cheesecake today! yummm....

3. My study looks like a testing site for explosions.

4. I am a compulsive book buyer – I have so many unread books on my shelves just waiting ever so patiently for me to read them. Ever. So. Patiently.

5. My first crush: Elvis Presley. I was 4 when he died and I remember crying (my older cousin was a huge Presley fan).

6. I always have popcorn when I go to the movies – even if I’m full. I lurvvv me popcorn.

7. I'm a klutz – no secret to all those who know me. ☺ I have no co-ordination, which is why I like to write heroines that are athletic.

8. I love my Mac ☺.

9. Four years ago, someone told me I looked like I was 18. I was 31 at the time! OK, it’s nice to look younger but come on…. Thinking on it, I probably still dress the same as I was younger – jeans, t-shirts, trackies… I’m sooooo sophisticated.

10. I'm a TV, DVD, movie addict – Battlestar Galactica anyone? *Christina is getting ready to throw something at me because I informed her that the new BG DVD released was only part of season 4, not the whole thing*

11. I have foot-in-mouth disease. Brain, words and mouth don’t always co-operate.

12. I spend too much time reading blogs about writing than actually writing ☹

13. I love all sorts of music – currently listening to Greek music compilation. I listen all sorts of styles from classical to heavy metal.

14. I have hooked my 4 year-old godson onto AC/DC’s ‘It’s a long way to the top’ – he calls it the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll song”.

15. My favourite fantasy squeeze would be someone who could shape shift from Gerard Butler, Clive Owen (I’ll have to fight Christina on that one), Hugh Jackman, Kevin Sorbo, Viggo Mortensen…. You get the picture!

16. I was once asked ‘how much?’ WTF? And no I wasn’t dressed in a provocative way; I was in fact, dressed as a Uni student in good old leggings and jumper carrying my backpack. LOL!

Oh and another one is that I like Inspirational quotes..... hence the pic!

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