Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Full speed ahead!

Well update on my computer situation - funny how much of my time and blogging this topic has taken up *g*. I am now connected to cable internet - oh yeah baby! Already I've done more today than I could do in the slow lane in well.....days, weeks, maybe.  I luv 'driving' fast.

Got my helmet and crash gear just in case though... coz sometimes  technology can be a bitch.

So one of my goals for September completed - buy computer and install cable connection... check!

Have also sent a competition entry for the STALI (Single Title and Loving Competition) by the Romance of Australia. Am also working on the RWNZ Single Title Comp too. Have to work on my synopsis. So that's half a tick.

While the study isn't perfect - I've made great progress though - I can actually SEE the carpet *g*. So I'm giving myself a check for that too.

And I've also been working on writing goals... want to think on it a little more before I let you know about them *g*

Yia :)

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