Sunday, 3 August 2008


Well this month I intend to go computer hunting and it's about time. I've been struggling with my trusty old friend here but it's having problems. Big problems. If it was a person, I would ask it to go to therapy. Today the monitor wasn't working and then when it did, I had giant icons. I've sort of fixed it but it's still not right. Also I have booked for my cable internet service for September. Great incentive. I've been holding off coz of the funds but I need to do something soon... hence the booking.

So I intend to get a Mac with a big screen. I fell in love with them while doing my initial computer hunt . So hopefully in two months time, I will NOT be complaining about my computer anymore.

I've been fishing around trying to work out my design for my website (has been on the backburner for too long) and that may be another direction I take. Web design. It's creative as well as technical, so it feeds my creative side as well as my more logical librarian side *cheesy grin*. So again the Mac would be perfect.

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