Sunday, 1 April 2018

Happy Easter....

For all those who celebrate Easter either this week or next week (Orthodox):

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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Sunday Musings - 2018

Well other than a flash fiction post, this is my first official post of 2018.

courtesy of Pixabay

2018! I tend to do a double take when I see it. Surely I'm dreaming and I'm still back in another year with 2018 way into the future?

2018 has gotten off to a productive start for me all round. Part of it is in my design persona, HelzKat Designs, who has started to make some pre-made covers. It's been a joy to work on and I'm flexing my skills and of course trying to learn new ones.

On the writing front, 2018 is going to be a big year -
  • I'm in the middle of final read through of 'The Book That Will Finally Be Submitted' (formerly known as 'The book that will not end').
  • I'll be doing Fiona McIntosh's MasterClass in April and so I'm prepping my work for that. It's on a story that has been in my head for a long long long time, and it needs to see the light of day. What better way than with this class?
  • I'm doing a few OWLs via the Romance Writers of Australia 
    • currently Author Branding with Nikki Logan. Why would I need that? Well I thought it was time to rethink what my brand is. More on this when I've nutted it out. 
    • Hide & Seek with Frank Ahearn - this one is about surveillance etc, and it's definitely a topic that would be useful for my DreamTamer manuscript. 
    • Getting into Libraries - firstly because 1) libraries! and 2) there's no national system in Australia and so it'll be useful info to have. I almost didn't sign up because I'm so busy but 1) I don't know if this OWL will be offered again, and 2) libraries!
  • Writing Mojo with Juliet Madison in February - I'm hoping this will help re-ignite the mojo and  have steps to keep it going if I'm having bad moments with health.
  • Self Publishing
    • I've decided to self publish some previously published short stories into an anthology.  
    • SNOOP and Gateway to Hell will get another lease of life, but before I get to them, I want to write more in each series.
  • I've got a one-one-one online session with Michael Hague I want to take advantage of. Hearing him speak at the 2016 RWAus conference in Adelaide was a highlight and I had so many 'aha' moments that I know any time with him will be productive and help me on the path with a project.
  • Going to local writing meetings again.
  • Updating the DarkSide DownUnder website. I'm taking this slow and easy but it's great to see so many wonderful books out there by this talented bunch. 

I'm also trying to clear out the office. Very slow process as it tires me and I'm first concentrating on the writing now and then getting to this. I used to try and do it the other way around - you know a clear desk will help with the mind - but it didn't work. I'm all for reviewing procedures that don't work. 

~Eleni x

Friday, 5 January 2018

Flash Fiction Friday: The Magician

Here's a blast from the past...

The Magician was originally published by Flashes In the Dark,  May 28th 2011. 

Vladimir the Magician mesmerised the crowd gathered at his Believe It travelling magic show. They clapped. They gasped. They cheered.

The smoke machine choked out its mist as he finished with the grand finale – breathing underwater for twenty minutes while he escaped his straight jacket.

Unbelievable, they cried.

As the last cheers died down and it was time for the crowd to go, Vladimir had one final performance. One they wouldn’t like. He flicked his wrist. The doors slammed shut and locked.

His fangs extended. Now was time for Vladimir the Vampire.

He cackled.

Time for his audience to scream.

©2011 Eleni Konstantine

Saturday, 23 December 2017

'Tis the season - holiday wishes...

While I haven't been around much in 2017, I'm planning on changing that in 2018 (if the health behaves). I'm looking forward to getting back to writing, editing, and getting a few stories out there.  

All the best for the holiday season and may 2018 be a marvellous year for everyone.

Eleni :)

Monday, 13 November 2017

Opening the Vault: Free Fantasy Short Story - Apprentice Bound

I've been busy. Lots of stuff going on the health front but I won't bore you all with details. Suffice to say, I have surgery to unblock a stuffed nose at the end of the month and I've been in a sea of paperwork as I've been updating my medical records.

I needed a break and was looking over some old files with submission information on stories. I realised that I have never made the story Apprentice Bound available on the website as had been my intention.

This was my first published fantasy story in a magazine called Shortz back in 1999!

Gulp that's a long time ago now.

I'm always fascinated in an author's change in style over the years. I've learned a lot since the day this was published but I still love the story and so I haven't changed anything other than a few exclamation marks (- I couldn't let them all stay. *grin*). I guess if I were to start polishing the story, I could be there forever and so it's a tribute to my early days that I've not updated it.

I'm not going to put it up on distribution sites. This is purely for you readers and is only available from my website.

So without further ado, you can find Apprentice Bound HERE (it opens up a pdf file).

Now, the big question is - should I turn this story into a novel? Or start a series of short stories based on this story?

What's your preference?


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