Friday, 5 January 2018

Flash Fiction Friday: The Magician

Here's a blast from the past...

The Magician was originally published by Flashes In the Dark,  May 28th 2011. 

Vladimir the Magician mesmerised the crowd gathered at his Believe It travelling magic show. They clapped. They gasped. They cheered.

The smoke machine choked out its mist as he finished with the grand finale – breathing underwater for twenty minutes while he escaped his straight jacket.

Unbelievable, they cried.

As the last cheers died down and it was time for the crowd to go, Vladimir had one final performance. One they wouldn’t like. He flicked his wrist. The doors slammed shut and locked.

His fangs extended. Now was time for Vladimir the Vampire.

He cackled.

Time for his audience to scream.

©2011 Eleni Konstantine

Saturday, 23 December 2017

'Tis the season - holiday wishes...

While I haven't been around much in 2017, I'm planning on changing that in 2018 (if the health behaves). I'm looking forward to getting back to writing, editing, and getting a few stories out there.  

All the best for the holiday season and may 2018 be a marvellous year for everyone.

Eleni :)

Monday, 13 November 2017

Opening the Vault: Free Fantasy Short Story - Apprentice Bound

I've been busy. Lots of stuff going on the health front but I won't bore you all with details. Suffice to say, I have surgery to unblock a stuffed nose at the end of the month and I've been in a sea of paperwork as I've been updating my medical records.

I needed a break and was looking over some old files with submission information on stories. I realised that I have never made the story Apprentice Bound available on the website as had been my intention.

This was my first published fantasy story in a magazine called Shortz back in 1999!

Gulp that's a long time ago now.

I'm always fascinated in an author's change in style over the years. I've learned a lot since the day this was published but I still love the story and so I haven't changed anything other than a few exclamation marks (- I couldn't let them all stay. *grin*). I guess if I were to start polishing the story, I could be there forever and so it's a tribute to my early days that I've not updated it.

I'm not going to put it up on distribution sites. This is purely for you readers and is only available from my website.

So without further ado, you can find Apprentice Bound HERE (it opens up a pdf file).

Now, the big question is - should I turn this story into a novel? Or start a series of short stories based on this story?

What's your preference?


Sunday, 8 October 2017

Softly softly...

Well it's been a little bit of a turn around with my health. I do have more energy than about a month or so ago, so am grateful. So so grateful. Some energy is better than NO energy. It's always in a state of flux, so I'm hoping that it at least doesn't go backwards. Softly, softly.

There isn't much to report on the writing front. I continue to slowly do the final go over The-Novel-That-Will-Not-End. At least it's going forward.

My short story, Enchanted is no longer available at the Alfie Dog Fiction site. Unfortunately, the sales weren't there for it to continue and really I didn't push the story enough with life imploding the last few years. Oh, well. I'm thinking of doing a short story anthology with all my short stories but it'll have to go on the list.

I've been mainly doing extra cooking as we've had an abundance of green veggies in our garden.

Not being people to let things go to waste, we've cooked some Greek spinach pies and squares, and some quiches.  Enough to keep us out of trouble. We can't overdo it because of health but here is some pictures of tsaitia (the squares).

cheese/spinach squares and cheese only squares ready to be grilled


Yum yum

Thank goodness for freezers. 

DarkSide DownUnder

I have had some energy to get back into the DarkSide DownUnder with a few other lovely volunteers. I'm running the monthly DarkSider News column which I love doing as I get to see all that is happening in the DarkSider world, and I'm also updating the Goodreads and website pages - very slowly.

Come check us out on our blog, website, Facebook page, Twitter, and Goodreads.

That's it from me. Until next time...Yia!
~Eleni x

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Bleh Bleh Blah - the life of an author with CFS/Fibromyalgia

courtesy of Pixabay
So it's been months since I last posted on here. You guessed it, health got in the way yet again. I had been trialling a new medication that helps some people with fibromyalgia. I gave it a good go by being on it for almost 3 months. But it didn't agree with me so thus began the slow wean off the dratted thing.

I'm getting back to my 'normal' low energy self instead of the zero energy self I found myself as. So even though life can be tough where I'm at, I'm grateful at what I do have as it could easily be less.

Having a long time health condition is a marathon and at times all you want to do is sprint and other times, pitch a tent and not move for a while. That is really the CFS curve. When you find even a little more energy you want to sprint ahead and use it before the norm of less comes back to you. The problem is that the sprint may cause you to go lower than even your normal levels. So it's a juggle and making plans is not easy when the energy levels can change from one moment to the next.

Frustrating?! You bloody bet.

While I'm not 'back' per se, I am feeling better. I'm working in baby steps with all things in my life. The one constant has been reading, thanks in large part to audio books. I've read way more than I would have expected with such a low year. Again, I'm grateful.

One aspect of my life that has suffered is not only writing but my being involved in my writing groups. I haven't been on social  media that often as I find it tires me out quickly and that energy can be spent elsewhere. Goodreads is the place I frequent most often ATM.

Obviously this blog has suffered because as much as I want to, I feel like I don't have much to say other than how I'm feeling and really that can get to be a drag. I occasionally do a post like this to update you all and also in a way to educate people about long term conditions. I know having this condition and having had family with long term conditions has made be more sympathetic to others. Though I have to practice patience at times even with myself.

Be well!

~Eleni x

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