Sunday, 25 January 2015

Super Sunday

Welcome to the first Super Sunday for 2015!

The quote:

Literature is humanity talking to itself. 
~ Norman Rush

The funny:

The drawing:

Having wanted a wacom (drawing tablet) for ages, I finally got one and produced this avatar. Though it has no double chin!

The reading: 
All the latest reading is happening at my book blog, but the books I've been reading most this week are:
Tapestry by Fiona McIntosh
Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon (re-read)
Liminal by Maree Anderson
Dressed to Slay by Harper Allen
Falling Awake by Jayne Ann Krentz (Audio)

The editing:
Healer's Destiny

Have a great week.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Musa (Wenchy) Monday: Emilia Mancini

Today, I have the lovely and cheeky Emilia Mancini in the hot seat.

Professional Misconceptions 
by Emilia Mancini

My editor side has seen an influx of book submissions with journalists as main characters lately. This is great for me. I love reading about journalists!

I’m a freelance writer for a local magazine in the daylight hours. Yes, I cover features instead of hard news, but I had to go to journalism school for this, and I certainly have to live the journalist life: deadlines that bitch slap the crap out of me, editors who aren’t happy with my story, sitting outside (not exactly stalking) the house of a source who won’t return my calls so I can catch them face-to-face…

So, yeah, I really love reading stories about journalists. I even wrote one as Marci Boudreaux.

But I get a little worked up when I read misrepresentations of reporters. Just this week, I vented to the LLL ladies about this very topic (which lead to this lovely post). Now I know you are writing fiction and things get twisted and turned and exaggerated, but if you are writing contemporary, you have to be somewhat realistic and I’ve found that frequently isn’t happening when journalists are being written into fiction.

I just want to take a moment to clear the air a little so if you are considering using a print journalist as a character in your book (for good or for evil) some of these stereotypical, panty-bunching mistakes aren’t made in your manuscript.

  1. Easily my biggest issue with people writing newspaper articles is using the phrase “this reporter.” As in, “This reporter was told the world is round.” This phrase may have been used 100 years ago, but it isn’t used now. It insinuates the writer into the article, which is completely unprofessional and no newspaper editor would let this in. Ever. Reporters are telling the facts, without opinion, personal interpretation, or commentary…unless they are an opinion columnist.

  1. Reporters don’t have money to throw around. Newspaper reporters make less than 30K per year, maybe 35K if they work for a decent-sized paper, but overall, we are a very poor lot. In The Messenger, my main character came from money. She had a nice apartment, clothes, and car because she used her trust fund to get these things. She was the misfit in the news office based on the those with vs. those without mentality of her co-workers. Overall, unless you set it up otherwise, your reporter should drive an average car, shop at average stores, and live in average homes. Sure, there are exceptions, but your everyday newspaper reporter does not drive a Lexus.

  1. Sensational commentary in a news article would never happen. Reporters write facts. They have sources (quotes from experts, witnesses, or validated research) to back up these facts. This is a requirement for making it to print because people like to sue newspapers. Editors will not approve/print scandalous content. Serious reporters aren’t going to insert opinion, personal jabs, or any other commentary.

  1. Newspapers as a whole are broke. This means reporters take their own pictures with the shared office camera and drive their own cars to get the story. Newspapers do not provide photographers to go on assignment with reporters and they don’t provide transportation (though if a reporter is full-time, gas mileage may be reimbursed).

  1. The last time I, or one of my co-workers, wore a suit to an interview was…oh, right, never. Print journalists don’t dress in business suits. At least not your average reporter. Think business casual. Khakis or nice jeans and a semi-dress shirt. A skirt and blouse. One editor I know loves his corduroys, but suits are just not something I’ve seen in the newsroom—except for the publisher, but he’s in business meetings all day with other men/women in suits, so that makes sense.

  1. I know reporters are usually viewed as a force of evil. Some probably are. We share the horrors of the world more than we share the laughs. But, honestly, if the media only covered the good things, the public would criticize them for not being truthful about the events of the world. Most people view reporters as heartless demons who would step over dying babies to get the scoop. The truth is, we’re human, too. Maybe we don’t break down on the scene, but I guarantee you, even the toughest of reporters have gotten emotional over something they covered. Don’t portray your journalist as a one-dimensional heartless story-grabbing asshat. That’s a stereotype that has been overplayed.

Okay, so that kind of wraps up the biggies. The moral of this blog post? Do some research, whether it is a journalist or a doctor you are including in your manuscript. One phone call and a few questions is all you need to make sure you aren’t making crucial mistakes when representing a profession. Most people are more than happy to tell you what their job is really like. All you have to do is ask.

Here's a little teaser from my latest sexy release for your reading pleasure.

It took Kyle one look to realize he wanted to seduce his best friend’s mother. And one kiss to realize he didn't have to.

It was lust at first sight when Kyle met his roommate’s mother Kate. Kyle, a college transfer, was too far from home to visit on short school breaks, so Justin took him to Minneapolis where his mother was serving up a family meal for Thanksgiving.

One look left Kyle with a healthy obsession for Kate which grew with each visit. When he landed an internship in Minneapolis, he moved in with Kate for the summer, and got in touch with his voyeuristic side. It wasn’t until one late evening and a few too many glasses of wine that Kyle began to suspect his attraction wasn’t one-sided.

When he dared to push the issue, he found Kate more than willing to succumb to his seduction.

To read an excerpt from Seducing Kate, please click a vendor's name.
Musa Publishing - Amazon

Emilia Mancini is the naughtier side to author Marci Boudreaux. Emilia stays hidden in the shadows like a nefarious side kick, slipping out only when the stories Marci wants to share are a little too grown up to be called sweet romance.

Seducing Kate is Emilia’s second release and, at least for the moment, her crowning glory.

Be sure to check out the Pinterest board for Seducing Kate.

Visit Emilia on her website. Stay connected on Twitter and Facebook.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Musa (Wenchy) Monday - Sloane Taylor

It's been a while since I had my Musa Mondays, so let's get back to it.

If you're looking for a hot read, the one and only Sloane Taylor is the author for you, who is "Sweet as honey...hotter than hell".

Not only is she a talented author, she's one of the most supportive writers I've ever encountered being one of the two mega-minds behind the Wenches with Words.

Her latest release is the box set of Magnificent Men of Munich.

Icy German reserve melts with hot-blooded American passion.

Heated Negotiations Book 1

Mergers and negotiations are not just for the boardroom, especially when things heat up high over the Atlantic.

Travel agency owner Teddi Howard is Hell in high heels when she jumps a plane to Munich. Her goal—strangle the German tour operator who reneged on their exclusive contract.

Winter Games Book 2

As the games heat up, the stakes grow higher, and Lonnie must decide whether to play along or leave her heart out in the cold.

Lonnie Copley may be a genius, but not when it comes to her personal life. A series of wrong turns puts her far from reality and the German autobahn. The last thing she wants on the eve of a snowstorm is to be dangling at the edge of an Austrian mountain in need of rescue—especially by a leather-clad giant with Johnny Depp eyes.

Perfect Lie Book 3

A seedling of doubt will unravel even a perfect lie.

After two ex-husbands and a con artist, Francine Daniels has had it with men. Her life is finally the way she wants it — successful and complete. At least she thinks so until a working vacation in Munich brings her face to face with a sexy German hotelier who sees right through her brash exterior and makes her sizzle with his every touch.

Yesterday’s Lovers Book 4

Isabella Carrington has never wanted for anything her entire pampered life -- except for love.

No matter how many designer items she buys or men she conquers, Isabella Carrington never seems to find what she's looking for. When she meets the one man in the world completely unaffected by her charms, she is determined to have him, even if it means a dunk in the Grand Canal.

Available from Musa Publishing and Amazon

And guess what? -  you can get a FREE read of her short story, All Roads Lead to Luca.

Go Musa!! I've got my copy. :)

For more of Sloane's books, check out her website.


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ding dong, 2014 is dead...

If you think I'm happy that 2014 is over - you're right. While there was some lovely times sprinkled throughout the year, it was a pretty tough year for me and my family. By the end I was exhausted but 2014 wasn't finished with me - nope, it wanted to depart a gift. A horrid cold with a throat full of razor blades - bewwwtiful.

So bye-bye 2014 and welcome to the fantabulous 2015!

May everyone have an amazing year!!

Talk soon!


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Super Sunday

The quote 

"The truth is, honey, I've enjoyed my life. I've had a hell of a good time."

~ Ava Gardner

The funny

Saw this many a year ago and I still find it hilarious. 

The photo 

The roses in our front yard as they looked a couple of weeks ago. Pretty eh?

The reading 

* Darkness Unbound by Keri Arthur 
* Time Thief by Anna Hackett

The editing

* Healer's Destiny

Have a super Sunday and a great upcoming week. 


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