Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Writing Buddy Wednesday ~ Eva Scott

Today I am happy to have the return of Writing Buddy Wednesday.

Joining me is a lovely author,  fellow Musan, and RWA member, Eva Scott.  Eva writes historical romance set in ancient times but also contemporary romances.

Let's chat with Eva....

Your most recent release is Barbarian Bride.  Can you describe this book for us?

This is the second book in the Romancing The Romans series.  Barbarian Bride follows the tale of a minor character from The Last Gladiatrix, Klara the Hun. We find out how she ended up fighting as a Gladiatrix in the Coliseum – and what happens to her once she wins her freedom.

I hadn’t considered telling her story until my editor at Harlequin Escape, Kate Cuthbert, asked me to write it. Klara is feisty and independent, great fun to hang out with.

Please tell us a little about your road to publication. 

I have always written but not seriously until 2005 when I started writing freelance articles for an outdoors magazine.  Then I got a job where I had to translate medical speak into common English.

Both jobs felt like school work so when I fell pregnant with my son I thought I’d try fiction.  I wrote my first novel, A Reluctant Wedding Planner, as a bit of an experiment really.  I entered it into the Emerald and came 4th (if only I’d known more about POV at the time!).  Encouraged, I sent it to some ebook publishers in the USA and was picked up.  Voila!  The learning process really began (and continues).

What attracted you to the romance and historical romance genres?

I wrote The Last Gladiatrix as a short story, loved the characters so much I expanded it into a novella.

Up until then I’d never considered writing historical although I’ve always been a history buff.  My first pick for university had been archaeology.  I found I loved writing it so much I can’t stop!  I’m now working on my third historical and planning more.

Are you a plotter? Pantser? Or somewhere in between? 

In between.  I do plot out a bit but often my characters dictate where the story actually goes.  When I look back over my notes I’m often surprised at how far off the original plan we’ve deviated.

What are you working on now? And what’s in the near future for Eva Scott? 

I’m currently doing edits on an outback contemporary romance, Red Dust Dreaming.  And I’m finishing up the third book in the Romancing The Romans series. After that I’m planning another historical.  I’m also plotting out another project which will be a complete departure from genre.  Time to try something different.

What is your favourite part of the process of writing? 

I love it all apart from editing.  That I don’t enjoy very much at all. Feels like a chore every time. The very best bit of the writing process is meeting the characters, getting to know them before I start writing.

What are you currently reading?

I am rereading Barbara O’Neal’s The Secret of Everything.  I love the way she draws her characters and I’ve read her books so often it feels as if I’m visiting with old friends.  I’m keen to start I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes but it’s written in the first person and it will mess me up while I’m finishing writing my historical which is in the third person.  I tend to be very influenced by whatever I’m reading so I must be careful what I choose while I’m writing.

Thanks Eva!

On the bloody ground of the Colosseum, she fights to save her life. In the treacherous boxes above, he fights to save their love.

Though Klara didn't love the man who was to be her husband, she didn't want him murdered, and she vows to track down the man who committed the crime. Sickened that she'd been attracted to the mysterious Roman, Klara tracks Lucius Aurelius to the fringes of the Roman Empire, only to find that they've both been trapped in a clever plot to overthrow Klara's father, the Chief of the Huns.
Klara is separated from Lucius, captured by slavers and sold to a gladiator school. She is the only one who can save herself, by fighting for her freedom. Lucius can ensure her battle is easier, but only by sacrificing himself. How much is he willing to give up for the fiery woman he's come to love?

Buy links -
Harlequin Escape | iTunes | Amazon | Amazon Australia  |
Amazon UK | Kobo | All Romance eBooks

Eva Scott lives on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland Australia in the town which brought the world the Bee Gees. When she’s not writing romance you can find her out on the water kayaking, fishing or swimming. When on dry land it’s all about the shoes and the coffee (and old Bee Gees records).

Find her at online at her

Monday, 10 February 2014

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Bringing Awareness

Hi everyone, it's been a really bus week for me but I wanted to share a giveaway which is bringing awareness to Congenital Heart Defect (CHD).

My Wenches of Words buddy, Sara Daniel is bringing awareness to this over at her blog. Until today, I didn't know there was an awareness week for this or the figures regarding this (at least in the US).

Hopefully more awareness and research will help this condition.

Sara Daniel Romance Author: #CHD Awareness Week - Captivating the CEO @Decaden...: Today kicks off Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Awareness Week. Congenital heart defects are America’s number one birth defect. One out of ...

Take care all.


Friday, 31 January 2014

Australia Day Book Giveaway Blog Hop Winner

The winner of the blog hop is:

Karla Oleinikoff


I'll be contacting you soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered.


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Writerly Wednesday ~ Words!

Words! I have some words! It's very exciting for this tired author who has been editing than writing in recent times.

It's not a lot of words I admit. It's the beginning of a short story and so far I know that a Wizard is asked to fill an unusual request. I'm going to work on it for the next few days.

I'm hoping this story helps turn the corner to free up my brain to write again. I've been thinking about a novel that I've got halfway done and maybe applying a plotting way of doing things to it. Just to see if anything again kick starts.

Maybe a set routine would help but long time readers of this blog, know how hard this had been for me over the years.

I find that each story responds to different processes. Some like being hand written, others straight into the computer, most want pantsing, some need a little pre-plot to start off with. I just go with the flow of what works. :)

I've been busy trying to rearrange my schedule and catch up on tasks. Things are happening and I want to thank my fellow bloggers in SARA and DSDU for helping to make my life so much easier. You're all gems!

Another thing I want to do is devote a little more time to the blog than I have done in the last six months of last year and well, January as well. It ended up in the 'will get to when I can' list, which is a hard list to get anything done on, so it has come to the 'do every fortnight' at least pile :) It's amazing how fast a fortnight can go past. I mean it's the 28th of January. Where did January go?

Anyone know?


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