Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Writing Wednesday: Writing tools...trying to kickstart the muse!

I've been working on gathering my stories for the upcoming short story collection - all the previously published ones - check, all the previously unpublished ones to beta readers - check, writing a new short story.... no check yet.

But I'm working on it.

I've been tidying up my office after it was painted earlier in the year. In the clean up I collated all my hand written notes for story ideas - and would guess not one of them appealed to me! Gahhhh!

I just couldn't seem to start a story and stick with it. After a few false starts, I have started on a short story. I know already know it needs changes but it's started and I now have 8 A5 pages.

I used the Wacom Bamboo Folio to write these pages. Basically it's an electronic pad and pen that work together so that the text can be then scanned electronically by using the app. The app can then convert it to text or Word, which helps with the retyping.

Retyping a short story - not so bad, but I plan to work on my current novel long hand so typing up all those pages wasn't something I was looking forward to especially with the arm and shoulder pain I have been having lately.

Of course, I need to have legible writing so it can then convert it but even if 80% of it is correct and I need to correct the rest, that is better than retyping the whole thing.

One of the reasons I love this product is that I can use my own paper and since I'm a stationery nut, I can use the A5 pads and notebooks I have purchased over the years. I just have to place them on the folio pad and use the pen (which is lovely to work with). How cool is that?

The muse has responded some but not as much as I would like because of low energy. Some pages is better than no pages, so I'm taking this as a good start.



AJ Blythe said...

Awesome to hear you're writing again, Eleni <3

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks AJ!

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