Sunday, 22 February 2015

"So long and thanks for all the fish...." - bye bye Musa!

I wonder if Douglas Adams knew how much that line would be used? :) But I digress.

It's with a sad heart that the Musa authors learned a couple of days ago that the Musa Publishing doors will be closing on 28th February.

Yep, that soon.

The decision was only made this past week by the Directors to shut shop - they stopped for good business sense, by not going forward and changing the integrity of the business.  Here's the blog post from Musa.

While I'm saddened by the news that a publishing house that put its authors first will be closing its doors, I can not regret my experience with Musa. I had great editors, great cover art, and learned a lot about the publication industry. The staff were always positive and friendly. It was a really great experience for me to begin my career with. And of course, I met the lovely Wenches (never fear, we will continue to band together)

But what does this mean for my work, I hear you ask?

Well from the 28th February, I get my rights reverted to me. Musa are such an amazing group, they've already got the letters ready for their authors, instead of letting us hanging, which has been the case for many other e-book publishers who have shut their e-doors.

That means that Enchanted Realms, Gateway to Hell, and SNOOP will not be available for sale any longer.

Big boo hoo.

I can either sub somewhere else or go the self publishing route. I'm not sure of my path yet, but I've got enough happening in my life that self publishing may not the best time for me now, but still I need to consider it.

But there's a silver lining to everything.

This week (until 28th February), Musa have slashed 80% off the prices on their website. That's right 80%!

You can get Enchanted Realms for only 20c*, Gateway to Hell for 60c, and SNOOP for 40c. Click on this paragraph to go buy them while you still can.

*that's in US currency.

I've been grabbing some Musa titles that I've wanted to grab for some time while I can, especially by the lovely wenches - let me name them for you so you can check out their work on Musa site (just click their names):-

As you can see, Musa published such a range of titles. I was lucky I could publish fantasy (Enchanted Realms) and paranormal (romance with Gateway to Hell; Noir with SNOOP) with them. Too bad our journey together had to end here.

I'll keep you updated on any news on these titles.

To all my fellow Musan authors, good luck and I'll keep an eye out on the web for you! To the Directors, thanks for the hard work you put into the company! I know I'm a better writer because of the opportunity you presented me with. 

Yia sou!


Sloane Taylor said...

WONDERFUL post, Eleni, Thanks for the plug.:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eleni. This is a great blog. As one door closes another opens (as somebody said once :)


Sharon Ledwith said...

A wonderful tribute to a wonderful publisher. Thanks for the memories as well as the mention, Eleni! And yes, we'll be in touch, my Wenchy friend...

Nancy DiMauro said...

While it's heartbreaking seeing Musa shutter, I'm so glad I met you my Wenchy friends. Thanks for the memories.

Vonnie said...

Excellent blog. Covers the position nicely - and thank you for the shoutout. Posted on FB.

Carol Browne said...

A great tribute to Musa. Good luck to all authors and staff for the future.

Jenny Schwartz said...

I was sorry to hear of Musa closing, and thought of you Eleni. But I'm so glad they're treating their authors well. Happy journeying with your books ... wherever that journey leads you.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks for the support, my lovely wenches. We've had some great times, and it's only the beginning!

Carol - thanks for your well wishes and for popping.

Jenny - thanks for thinking of me, and yes, the journey continues.

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