Friday, 13 February 2015

Fragment Friday - Dragon's Quest

Today, I introduce Fragment Friday. The day where I bring you a fragment (or snippet) from my work.

Today it's from Dragon's Quest, a flash fiction story published by Antipodean SF back in June 2011. 

News of the dragon's capture reached the castle. But not of who had caught the elusive beast. The Prince of Renu? The Lord of Rawry? Or any of the other dozen in pursuit?

The Steward Mikhail waited, hoping this ridiculous show would cease. He kept this to himself. Here on assignment, he would see it through. For the sake of the dragon.

And her keeper.

Over the next day, many of the pursuers trotted back to the castle — but not the one he waited for.

"Mikhail, what ails you?"

Caught off-guard, he schooled his features. "Nothing of import, Sire."

King Patrik raised his bushy eyebrows. "I know you and my daughter are firm friends."

Mikhail inclined his head. "Indeed. With all these men vying for her hand, and a dragon on the loose..." He trailed off, for the first time finding it hard to speak.

The King gave him a sad smile. "I understand, Mikhail. But the law is the law. Anyone who captures the dragon has her hand in marriage." He hastily looked away.

You can read the rest of the story here.

If you'd rather hear me read the story, it's located here.  (My story begins at around 19.20 mark)

Hope you enjoy it!


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