Monday, 12 January 2015

Musa (Wenchy) Monday - Sloane Taylor

It's been a while since I had my Musa Mondays, so let's get back to it.

If you're looking for a hot read, the one and only Sloane Taylor is the author for you, who is "Sweet as honey...hotter than hell".

Not only is she a talented author, she's one of the most supportive writers I've ever encountered being one of the two mega-minds behind the Wenches with Words.

Her latest release is the box set of Magnificent Men of Munich.

Icy German reserve melts with hot-blooded American passion.

Heated Negotiations Book 1

Mergers and negotiations are not just for the boardroom, especially when things heat up high over the Atlantic.

Travel agency owner Teddi Howard is Hell in high heels when she jumps a plane to Munich. Her goal—strangle the German tour operator who reneged on their exclusive contract.

Winter Games Book 2

As the games heat up, the stakes grow higher, and Lonnie must decide whether to play along or leave her heart out in the cold.

Lonnie Copley may be a genius, but not when it comes to her personal life. A series of wrong turns puts her far from reality and the German autobahn. The last thing she wants on the eve of a snowstorm is to be dangling at the edge of an Austrian mountain in need of rescue—especially by a leather-clad giant with Johnny Depp eyes.

Perfect Lie Book 3

A seedling of doubt will unravel even a perfect lie.

After two ex-husbands and a con artist, Francine Daniels has had it with men. Her life is finally the way she wants it — successful and complete. At least she thinks so until a working vacation in Munich brings her face to face with a sexy German hotelier who sees right through her brash exterior and makes her sizzle with his every touch.

Yesterday’s Lovers Book 4

Isabella Carrington has never wanted for anything her entire pampered life -- except for love.

No matter how many designer items she buys or men she conquers, Isabella Carrington never seems to find what she's looking for. When she meets the one man in the world completely unaffected by her charms, she is determined to have him, even if it means a dunk in the Grand Canal.

Available from Musa Publishing and Amazon

And guess what? -  you can get a FREE read of her short story, All Roads Lead to Luca.

Go Musa!! I've got my copy. :)

For more of Sloane's books, check out her website.



Sloane Taylor said...

Thank you for the wonderful surprise, Eleni! All my best for 2015!

Anonymous said...

Those Men of Munich make a hot box set Sloane. Hope the sales soar.

Sloane Taylor said...

Thanks, Suze. And from your lips...:)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks, Sloane. May your 2015 be wonderful also.

Thanks for stopping by, Susan.

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