Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A long time between drinks - um - posts

It's been way too long and I apologise. Between study and other commitments, this blog suffered. 

And just when I thought I would organise it again - family dramas entered. The sudden death of my cousin from a heart attack floored my whole family in late June. We are still processing this. 

As well as my dad's prostate cancer turning more aggressive needing different courses of treatment. We are still dealing with that one as well. Dad's pain is better thanks to radiotherapy and drugs. Thank goodness. 

Then came prepping and going to RWA conference. Less on my agenda as I only dealt with sponsorships and music for cocktail party and awards dinner. The conference team were amazing and I actually had chances to have conversations with people. Was a great program with great speakers. 

But alas I brought home the post conference lurgy and have been out of commission for a week with it showing no signs of ending soon. 

So here I sit in bed and type this with my iPhone. 

I leave you with me as a rock chick for the Leather and Lace cocktail party. 

Rock on, dudes!



Anita Joy said...

Sorry to hear you got the conference germ, Eleni. Rest and recover!! Hugs, Anita

Marilyn Forsyth said...

Try to take it easy for a little while, Eleni. You deserve a rest. xx

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks Anita and Marilyn. :)

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