Friday, 30 May 2014

Fantabulous Friday: Weekend Romance - A Fair to Remember ~ not just for romance writers

A fantabulous event is coming to Adelaide - it's about romance - it's about writing. Wouldn't you know I'd be involved...

Yes, one of the projects I've been helping out with is the Roadshow event. This is RWA's term for an event that is outside of the national conference program and connects areas that don't get conference, like SA (that's changing with SA - newsflash: conference is coming to Adelaide in 2016!)

RWA and SAWC (SA Writers Centre) have joined forces to present this wonderful weekend!!

If you prefer seeing the workshop blurbs and bios in non pdf format, go to the RWA Roadshow pages.

I'm really excited about the line up. There is such diversity - from people who write historical (romance) adventures like Fiona McIntosh, to those writing rural romance like Tricia Stringer, to Helene Young, who writes romantic supsense, Trish Morey who writes sexy stories, and Keri Arthur who writes dark urban fantasy and paranormal romance! 

Not only that, I think attending any writing event is a fabulous thing. I went to Body in the Garden last year and it's not my exact genre (yeah there's some mystery in my stories, but I don't call myself a crime writer). You mix with other authors, readers, and get to learn something new. Like was said in the movie, 'The Castle' - it's the vibe. A vibe about being around people who enjoy story telling, and writing or reading.

There's certainly a lot of vibe happening with this event!!

While Saturday is full of panels (I'll be chairing the Location, Location, Location panel), chats, author talks, and workshops, the Sunday is purely a workshop event with two streams - one for introductory and one for more mid/advanced. 

While the introductory day long session with Trish Morey (stream A) focuses on romance, you can still use these skills across the board. 

Learning the writing craft is the same in any of the genres - Show, Don't Tell (with Amy T. Matthews). Yep, across the board. Point of View (with Elizabeth Rolls)- yes, the same. All writers want to know about media (with Victoria Purman) and their online presence (I'll be conducting this workshop as my alter-ego). All these can be found in the Stream B workshops.

And let's not forget the fab Quiz Night!!!

It's a fab line up for a great price - hey lunch, and teas are even included!

1 day* = $130 SAWC and RWA members, $170 non members
2 days* = $240 SAWC and RWA members, $340 non members
QUIZ NIGHT: $20 per head

*Includes lunch, morning and afternoon teas

BOOKINGS: SAWC website or phone 08 8223 7662 or by email

ROMANCE WRITERS OF AUSTRALIA MEMBERS - to obtain your discount, please book via
08 8223 7662 during Centre opening hours or email
SAVE $40 when you book for the whole weekend.

Come on this is just sooooo fantabulous!!  So why not come along?


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