Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Writerly Wednesday ~ Words!

Words! I have some words! It's very exciting for this tired author who has been editing than writing in recent times.

It's not a lot of words I admit. It's the beginning of a short story and so far I know that a Wizard is asked to fill an unusual request. I'm going to work on it for the next few days.

I'm hoping this story helps turn the corner to free up my brain to write again. I've been thinking about a novel that I've got halfway done and maybe applying a plotting way of doing things to it. Just to see if anything again kick starts.

Maybe a set routine would help but long time readers of this blog, know how hard this had been for me over the years.

I find that each story responds to different processes. Some like being hand written, others straight into the computer, most want pantsing, some need a little pre-plot to start off with. I just go with the flow of what works. :)

I've been busy trying to rearrange my schedule and catch up on tasks. Things are happening and I want to thank my fellow bloggers in SARA and DSDU for helping to make my life so much easier. You're all gems!

Another thing I want to do is devote a little more time to the blog than I have done in the last six months of last year and well, January as well. It ended up in the 'will get to when I can' list, which is a hard list to get anything done on, so it has come to the 'do every fortnight' at least pile :) It's amazing how fast a fortnight can go past. I mean it's the 28th of January. Where did January go?

Anyone know?



Mel Teshco said...

Hi Helz,

whatever works, works, right? LOL. That's what I'm telling myself while laboring over my last 10k and getting nowhere...

And when you find out where Jan went, let me know BWG

Suzanne Brandyn said...

I'm with Mel on that one Eleni. January...Umm, well I finished a novel, read about ten novels, put the house on the market, bought a block of land, Um...but it has flown all right. I must write down what I do in February. I'd love to keep a detailed daily journal. lol perhaps but I need another month to do that.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Yeah, Mel. I agree. Though finding what works for me consistently hasn't been easy.

LOL re Jan - in a haze, I think.

Suzanne, that's a lot of things in there. No wonder Jan just flew past you. I think I need to keep a detailed journal, start and then realise I haven't filled it out for a month, and then the cycle begins again! ha ha.

Thanks ladies for popping by.

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