Monday, 13 January 2014

I'm back!

Technically I didn't go anywhere but I haven't blogged in a month!

Where was I?

Study has taken a lot out of time away from other things, especially the household. December ended up being a month of catching up with that as well as prepping for Christmas and then catching up with family and friends.

So have I rested? Um...yes and no. I'm taking the breaks I need for the CFS and had a couple of 'chill' days where I read and watched TV, but now I'm tackling the very long to-do list. You know the one - where for every item you cross off, three things pop up in to take its place. Yep, that one.

Blogging has taken a back seat - actually it is more like it was shoved in the boot (trunk for my US friends). Now I am unpacking it and getting ready to go on the cruise along the 2014 highway with you all.

I am not going to make any resolutions and even though I usually have goals for the new year, I'm going to let things I want to do percolate while I do the catchup.

But of course, writing will be made more of a priority. I've missed storytelling so much and I just need the to kick-start the brain to actually work on a more on this, especially on the creative side - not just the editing side which has been the last couple of years.

And while I'm late....

Have a fantabulous 2014!!


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