Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Writerly Wednesday

I haven't gotten organised with featuring my Writing Buddies lately, but I will try and get that sorted soon.

In the meantime, here's Writerly Wednesday.

I have been chatting to my Paraloopies regarding my muse and her lack of fire. From this I've realised that health, tafe, and scheduling have all affected my writing (I knew this but it really hit home) and having the creativity and inspiration to write. I'm thinking about ways to help her along.

One thing that will help is getting my first round of edits from my editor for SNOOP. I hope this helps the muse kickstart along.

I also hope having less time at the computer at night and getting some downtime will help. I've been watching some tv shows that I had never got to see when they first aired  - Bones, The West Wing (seasons 5-7 especially), The Inspector Linley Series. It's really giving my brain some food and refilling the well.

While at my local library today,  I saw a great program for ‘The Body In the Garden’: South Australian Crime & Garden Writers’ Festival. They have an opening event that looks really cool. Check it out here.

I'm busy with my groups still - though not in full force on social media - DarkSiders, Wenches, and SARAs. Speaking of SARA, I'm over at the SARA Sassy in the South blog today with Reading Adventures: a compilation of members book reviews, including my own. Come and say hi!


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