Sunday, 7 April 2013

Super Sunday: One Step at a Time...

You may have noticed other than having guests and featuring other authors on my blog, I really haven't been around much. Yes, pesky health issues has struck again. Firstly a back issue, then headaches and then a wrenched neck issue. Apparently when you wrench your neck in your sleep it's called a 'wry' neck. Laughed when I heard that one.

So I'm feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself (but not too much) and I'm actually following orders and resting. The neck problem has been hard as it's hard to be too long at the computer and of course I do a lot of work at the computer. You can imagine my to do list.

My focus lately has been on my course and some other design work and unfortunately I haven't been writing. Not even editing, which is bumming me out a bit. However, I have managed to do some reading lately. In between rests as even holding a book or iPhone can be painful if I do that too long. Looks like the universe is MAKING me slow down. :)

Right now, I identify with this.

Silver lining people. 

I did manage to watch Supernatural season 7 and Sons of Anarchy season 4, so all was not lost in the last couple of weeks. 

April is birthday month and so a big shout out to all my peeps who have birthdays. There's a lot of you!


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