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Writing Buddy Wednesday: Anna Hackett ~ Which Anomaly Are You? Plus a FREE Book!

Today, I welcome back all round cool lady, DarkSider Anna Hackett back to the Taverna. 


Which Anomaly Are You? Plus a FREE Book! 

The first X-Men comic hit the shelves in 1963 introducing Professor X and his mutant superheroes to the world. Today, most of us are more aware of the movies…hello, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine! What a perfect piece of casting. Lucky for all of us, the next movie, The Wolverine hits cinemas in July this year.

Now, it just so happens I have my own mutated gene, superpower characters in my paranormal romance series, The Anomaly Trilogy. They are ordinary humans with extraordinary abilities that make them a target for governments and bad guys everywhere.

Here are the types (and keep in mind, you have to decide which anomaly you’d prefer to be in a minute): 

Time Thieves: you have the ability to steal time. You can stop time for a short period and everyone around you is essentially frozen. If you touch someone when you stop time, they will also be able to move during the steal. 

In the first novella in the trilogy, TIME THIEF, the heroine Bay is a time thief on the run from an ex-Navy SEAL sent to hunt her down. 

Mind Raiders: you have the ability to raid someone’s minds and stop their thoughts. They are then receptive to doing whatever you ask. You can only raid one mind at a time (except for the hero of the second novella, MIND RAIDER, but Callahan is something…else). But the heroine, the fiery Mara, is a mind raider and uses her skills for revenge.

Soul Stealers: you have the ability to steal of soul of someone you touch. It’s an active power (it doesn’t happen by accident). They say it is a painful way to die and the person relives all the terrible things they have done. For the soul stealer, however, it feels good, so there is a risk of becoming addicted to soul stealing.

In my latest release, SOUL STEALER, the heroine Cate has been kept captive, forced to use her ability and is trying to overcome her addiction. Luckily for her she has sexy, smart and a little nerdy, Dr. Gage Walker to help her out.

Okay, so there you have it…all three different types of anomalies. Now it’s up to you, take the poll and tell me which anomaly you’d like to be!

Oh, and TIME THIEF is FREE right now! If you’d like a fast-paced romance will with action and anomalies, then check it out!

Anna Hackett loves action movies, sci-fi shows, short stories, writing her own romantic adventures, her wonderful husband and her little man. 

You can find her at the usual places: Anna Hackett Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads. Her latest novella, SOUL STEALER, is out now.

Enter the SOUL STEALER Giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card and 3 Carina Press ebooks of the winner’s choice:

The SOUL STEALER Giveaway via Rafflecopter


Soul Stealer Blurb

She just wants her life back. After being kidnapped and forced to kill by a vicious crime lord, Cate Hartmann is now a killer with an addiction to stealing souls. On the island sanctuary of Haven, surrounded by other anomalies with secret abilities, she fights to recover. But only one man calms the dark storm inside and makes her believe she can be whole again…Dr. Gage Walker.

Scientist Gage Walker has spent a decade helping anomalies. But every day, he’s haunted by his previous job for the CIA—where he crossed far too many boundaries and hurt so many anomalies. Including his brother. He vows he won’t fail again and will do everything he can to heal Cate—including fighting his attraction to her.

But when the crime lord comes after Cate again, it’s a race against time to find out why he wants her. Amidst the danger, Gage and Cate drawn to each other, even as they fear that one wrong step will send her hurtling back into the depths of her soul stealing addiction.



Anna Hackett said...

Eleni, as always it is a pleasure to visit the Taverna!

So far it looks like everyone wants to be a time thief!

bn100 said...

Nice covers.


Daniel M said...

like the superpowers and the covers are great! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

Kaci Verdun said...

Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win!

Anna Hackett said...

Thanks bn100, glad you like them!

Anna Hackett said...

Thanks, Daniel! Looks like most people want to be time thieves (-:

Anna Hackett said...

You're very welcome, Kaci. Good luck!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Anna, I think we all feel that time is the thief and that we can turn the tables. :)

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