Sunday, 3 February 2013

Super Sunday - update

So what's happening in my world?


Oh, yes, that clarifies things doesn't it?

Designing - I'm working on some exciting projects. Actually I find all projects exciting. I love coming up with a design in conjunction with the client. I've also enrolled at for another year of my Diploma. Again very part time. I think I will be in a walking-frame by the time I finish but hey, I want to learn, have fun AND keep sane.

And I had fun coming up with these for the Wenches....

Writing - I'm getting a short story ready to be self-published. I thought hey, let's dip my toe in the water and check it out. So that's currently being edited, and I'm also getting a cover ready. No need to pay a designer for that. I know someone, you see ;0)

- No news yet on SNOOP's release, but I've gotten everything I need to get ready for before the edits begin.
- I'm getting ready getting promo stuff ready for ARRC. Getting some lovely pens and bookmarks.

Teaching - yep, I'm doing a trial run of the Online Shuffle for a month to see how it goes and work out any kinks. We've just started, so if I'm absent you know why.

Conference - great news - registrations for the Freo - Riding The Waves - is open! Yay. I'll register in the next couple of weeks. I'll be doing the blog spotlights on the conference, so look out for that.

Hearts Talk - I'm having fun being the good news collator. What's better than hearing good news?

Righto, that's it from me. I'll be heading back to the cave. I hope you're enjoying my Musa Mondays and Writing Buddy Wednesdays.

Have a fantabulous week!

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