Thursday, 7 February 2013

Love Is In The Air Blog Hop

Well I'm not going to talk exactly about Valentine's Day but more why do I put romance in my stories?

Not all of my stories have romance, but most of them do. I've never intentionally put a romance in the story - it just turns out that way.

Romance is an element that is such a big part of our lives and influences people in many ways. It is part of our story as a human being. And since I write about human beings (mostly!), you can't avoid the subject of love - or at the very least, lust.

Take my paranormal romance novella, Gateway to Hell. It didn't begin as a romance. Most of my stories DO begin with a paranormal / supernatural / fantasy element. In this case, I had this woman who could open a Gateway to Hell. Initially GTH started as a short story about us, the reader, not knowing if this woman indeed could do what she claimed, or it was a delusion. But you see I introduced this good-looking Warder guy, and the rest as they say, is history.

The characters told me the story and that story included a big chunk of romance.

Will my other stories in the series have so much romance? I don't know, the characters haven't told me yet, but writing Warder 2, I can already see a romance in the future. So it could be.

To win a copy of Gateway to Hell, leave a comment below on why you or don't like like romance in stories.

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Have fun doing the Blog Hop!


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