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Writing Buddy Wednesday: Mel Teshco

This week I have as my special guest, DarkSider, Mel Teshco. Mel is the author of erotic paranormal and contemporary tales. If you want your stories hawt, look no further. And to top if it off, she's good people. 

Welcome to the Taverna, Mel!

Your latest release is Lusting the Enemy published by Ellora’s Cave (congratulations!).  Can you describe this book for us?

Thanks Eleni! This is a 26k shape shifter novella set in a dystopian world. The hero is king to his desert nation and the heroine is a shape shifter willing to use her body to seduce him and ultimately try to save her people. Many of the king’s human subjects are murdering the last of her almost extinct race.

You’re such a busy woman. What is your typical writing day like?

Takes one to know one *wink* — I basically squeeze writing in when and where I can. I’m a big believer in writing every day, but not beating oneself up about it if it doesn’t happen. Life sometimes gets in the way. I count my blessings though that I don’t work outside the home, so any spare moment I have goes into my writing or procrastinating with social media and/or stat and rankings checking LOL

Are you a plotter? Pantser? Or somewhere in between?

Pantser. I nearly always start out with a scene in my mind and when I start writing I have no real idea where the story will end up. But there are times when I’m trying to get a story done, where I’ll sit down and do a lot of freehand writing, then once the story peters out I’ll do a basic outline of the next scene, which can help a lot in going forward. So I guess I do sometimes do a vague plot.

You have written many short stories and novellas. What is the attraction of the shorter form?

I don’t have a rambling type of story style, I naturally write short and concise and to the point, so it’s actually harder for me to write longer novels. Mostly though I did short because I had a young child (whose not so young anymore lol!) and it was much easier to cope with short spurts of writing and not have to remember big major plots. I will continue to write novella length for EC and some longer ones too (Galactic Flame, book 3 of Alien Hunger, is a novel at just over 50k), and hope to start writing some single titles as well if a well-paying publisher will have me *g*

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a couple of different manuscripts. Lusting the Enemy is book one and I’ll be working on book 2 soon for my looming deadline lol! But in the meantime I’m scrambling to write another 10k of my single title, Dimensional while trying not to think of another book I’m itching to write.

What or who inspired you to write?

I don’t really have any idea on that one. I just loved reading and I guess that carried over into my need to write. Plus I found it a brilliant outlet for when I had a lot of stress in my life a long time ago, I guess now it’s become my creative outlet =)

What are you currently reading?

I’ve got four on the go right now, depending on my mood. Angels Fall by Nora Roberts, Trinity by Lauren Dane, Destined to Play by Indigo Bloome and on my kindle, Price of Pleasure by Joanna Wylde. 

Thanks for joining me, Mel. You can find Mel on her website, blog, Twitter and FB.

You can buy Lusting The Enemy from Ellora's Cave and  Amazon

Here's the blurb:

Akeisha is on a mission to be chosen as part of a harem for the desert king, Judas. She’ll use her body to entice and beguile, do anything it takes to save the near-extinct larakytes, her shape-shifting silver panther tribe, from Judas’ human subjects, who are trying to eradicate them.

She never expects to succumb to the wild ecstasy in his arms, a pleasure that threatens to expose her inner cat even as it transcends anything she’s ever felt from one of her own kind.

Falling in love with a human enemy was never part of the plan, but maybe there’s more to Judas than meets the eye.

Also look out for Mel's other releases:


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