Sunday, 16 December 2012

Super Sunday including NASA 'blunder'

Before we go on... ++LANGUAGE WARNING ~ NOT A PG POST++

It's Sunday and you know what that means - quotes and funnies......

This week I also have a video that was 'accidentally' leaked by NASA. More on that below. Right now, let's get the 'quote'.....

The cute pic

The funnies

Now to that NASA leak...

This video was NASA's video for December 22nd - the day after the world is meant to end. However it was leaked. While they are calling it a blunder, I wonder it was leaked to help quell fears - people are truly scared of the world ending in just 6 days as mentioned in a Time article. The video does mention that NASA scientists had been available to answer questions from people via a Google Hangout.

Before we get to the video, I've shared this before a long time back, but I think it's time to share it again. It's my take on the 'prophecy'.

And now to the video -


Have an amazing week and stay safe - with the silly season upon us, there is a tendency to rush about, so we all should take deep breaths and not get caught up in it if we can.


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