Friday, 7 December 2012

Follow Friday: my other blogs

I'm going to showcase my other blogs and ask nicely if people can follow them. No pressure :)


The place where I write about the books I'm reading and the challenges I'm taking part in. This year hasn't been a great one in numbers for reading. But I'm reading and that's the main thing.

HelzKat Designs -

Where I blog about the designs I do as HelzKat Designs.

I also have a Facebook page at

Dark Side DownUnder -

A blog I share with other members of the paranormal group from Romance Writers of Australia. Lots of information weekly about what are members are up to and their good news. 

SARA News -

My monthly face to face writing group. With more members, there is also more good news.

Romance Writers of Australia -

Lots of great posts. I'm doing the New Releases now, but I also will be doing the upcoming conference blog spotlights, which I also did for the Gold Coast conference this year. I seem to always go back to blogging on this blog.

So why not follow these blogs.... oh, and if you're new to this blog - welcome - and why not follow from the sidebar.


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