Thursday, 22 November 2012

Trailer Thursday: Grimm

One of the TV shows that is a regular in my recording week (I rarely watch TV programs when they are aired, I always record them) is GRIMM.

Grimm is a police procedural with a difference. The main character, Nick, just finds out he is different - yep, you guessed it, a Grimm. Grimms hunt down the bad supernatural beasts that are in fairytales. Nick uses his abilities to recognise Vessan (the other creatures) and solve cases. But he walks a fine line as the only other person who knows what he can do is Monroe - who is a wolf. Actually there are other Germanic names given to the Vessan and I just love hearing Monroe talking about them, and of course being the comic relief in the show.

Here's the trailer to season 1 for those who have never watched it.

Youtube link

For those further along, here is season 2. We get the episodes expressed from the US on Fox8, but they are on the Christmas break and so it will be off until 2013 (sad face).

Youtube link

Here is a short interview with the cast from 2011's Comic-Con

Youtube link

Enjoy watching Grimm!

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