Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Writing Wednesday

Today it's about me. :)

Before I go on - good news:

My flash fiction story, Minion, has been accepted by Antipodean SF. It will be in the January 2013 edition, so yay, January starts off with a bang.

I loved writing this story - it's fun and very tongue-in-cheek. But you can decide in January.

I've done a plan for what I want to achieve with my writing in the next 6 months. I like reviewing these plans every so often to see how realistic I'm being. I think I need to do these plans when I'm tired because I would be more realistic with what i would be able to achieve.

But I did try to keep it balanced. Basically I've lined up the goals with my monthly writer meetings. So far I'm on track with my submissions, but I need to get into some editing and writing - design work and school have taken over a bit as has my bad back.... lots of rest needed.

So what goals do I have planned for mid-October to mid-November?

Edit two short stories
Continue writing a  Warder 2 Tale, and a new fun story which I'm not sure what length it will be. I'm just going to let that one go with the flow.

So it should be achievable, right?

Well, it should but things don't always work out that way.

Wish me luck!


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