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Musa Monday ~ Sloane Taylor

Welcome to Musa Monday. My special guest today is my fellow Musa author and Musa blogmistress,  and all round nice lady, Sloane Taylor.

So over to Sloane...

Time to Say Goodbye 

Authors write great prose we remember long after the book has been set on a shelf or secreted in a Kindle. Songwriters express the trauma with meaningful lyrics we hum for months, even years. Saying goodbye is a constant in our lives. Sometimes the end is coupled with sadness and pain. Other times it’s a euphoric feeling because the stress is gone.

It’s inevitable there will be such a moment for us all and seems to happen when least expected. Lovers part, friendships fade, our children move on, and family members leave us. Yet we hang on, not wanting to let go.

Is it easier when you cut the tie? It is for me.

MASQUERADE was my fourteenth book and the hardest to let go. My heart still aches for strict and stiff, but hot as hell, Vittore with his deep hidden secrets as he oversees his 5-Star hotel in Venice. Of course, Chicagoan Clancy and her sassy mouth have a special place in my heart. We worked hard to overcome her low self-esteem after her rotten partner screwed her over. Then later, it almost killed me when we had to give up her delicate mask with the lilac feathers. She doesn’t know this, but I’ve kept it as a souvenir and love to tease Studs with it. That mask is something I need to remember my girl and all it took for her to move forward. How I miss Vittore and Clancy with all their conflict and tension while they dealt with a sexual attraction neither could deny over their five day sex fest.

But do they ever think of me? Do they care that I miss them? Want them to at least acknowledge I was once a part of their lives? Probably not now that they’re out into the world, out amongst readers who laugh, cry, and savor their most intimate sexual details as their story unfolds. I am forgotten, deleted from their minds faster than a used condom.

Of all the books I’ve written and had published, not one of my babies, my children I slaved to create, ever thanked me.

But I really can’t complain. Other characters have paid attention to me and my hard work. Recently, I received an email from a nice lady who said God had sent me to her to teach her better sex techniques. Hmm, but maybe I’m confusing her with the Foreign Princess who emailed that her royal family had perished and she needed my help. All I had to do was give her my bank account number along with a few other pertinent facts and she would deposit thousands of dollars in my account so she could safely come to America. Of course she would split the funds with me for making it all possible.

What could I say to these two people I couldn’t say to the sexy characters who stole my heart and favorite positions? For once it was easy. Goodbye!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell

Behind every mask is a fragment of truth.

Chicagoan Clancy Marshall has planned her dream vacation in Venice down to the last detail. From gondola rides to masked balls, and anything else that just happens along, she is determined to experience all pleasures. But those careful plans fly out the door when she literally falls into the arms of a masked stranger. 

Vittore Ricci comes from an old Venetian family that claims two doges in their lineage. A straight-laced Count and owner of a prestigious hotel, he never does anything without serious consideration. Until a sexy American tourist offers an opportunity no man can refuse.

To read an excerpt from Masquerade, please click HERE.

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Thanks for joining me at the Taverna, Sloane. I'm looking forward to reading Masquerade!




Sloane Taylor said...

Eleni, thank you for having me visit today. It was great fun.:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the aperitif, Sloane. The Grand Canal is so beautiful in the autumn sunshine. Cheers! Jane.

Sloane Taylor said...

You're welcome, Jane, and cincin!:)

Marie Tuhart said...

Cool post, Sloane. It's hard sometimes to say good bye to our characters especially when they occupy so much of our time and minds.

J.F. Posthumus said...

Love this post!

Of all the novels we've written (and need to rewrite... heh), there's only one series that I actually will miss greatly. Ah, well, that's what being a writer is all about, right? Creating new characters to fall in love with, torture, and then wave goodbye to after the visit is over and done with....

Or maybe that's just my weird and twisted sense of humor coming out... ;)

Sloane Taylor said...

Glad you liked it, Marie, and you are soooo right.:)

Sloane Taylor said...

No, J.F., you're spot on! I wonder if we're all masochists deep down.:)

Vonnie said...

Well, well, Sloane. The boot's on the other foot, huh? You're usually interviewing everyone else!

Yes, it's true. Some characters are harder to leave than others. My favorite male is in my first hardback book. He's a Regency era soldier, full of angst but SO kind and gentlemanly but boy, can he look after himself. My favorite female character is in one of my romantic suspenses. She's a hard, savvy New Zealander with an attitude that shatters glass.

I don't think either of them will contact me and thank me either. Sigh.

Sloane Taylor said...

I know, Vonnie. It's so weird!!

Your hero and heroine are the stuff good characters are made of. You've made me want to meet them.:) Even though like mine, they've no consideration for their creators!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks everyone for coming along and making Sloane feel at home. Thanks Sloane. A thoughtful post indeed.

Sharon Ledwith said...

I know this is a late comment, but just wanted to say that letting go and saying good-bye leaves you room to create more of your wonderfully written books, Ms. Sloane. So, bon voyage, and enjoy your journey! Shared and tweeted! Cheers!

Sloane Taylor said...

It's never too late.:) Thank you, Dear Sharon.

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