Monday, 24 September 2012

Manic Monday: taking stock

It's Monday. How many of you have Monday-itis? I get this too to some extent even if I do work from home. You know, I really don't get a 'day off'. I'm constantly thinking about story-lines or designs. The brain doesn't switch off.

But on Monday, there's the other paperwork and appointment shuffle that gets added to the mix as I usually have a break from these over the weekend.

I'm on school holidays - makes me sound like a kid - and need to catch up on all the work that I missed out on this term. So I'm writing a schedule to deal with all this. A loose schedule because I know things always come up in the mix. It's why those time management books don't really work for me - if I have a bad CFS or fibromyalgia day, I can't keep up with a full schedule. It's why I'm home working and not in an office somewhere.

I'm taking stock of what I need to do, what I would like to do, and those things that I've been putting off for a while, or never seem to get to it.

I am hopeless at keeping to time limits. Though I've been getting good on Facebook with this, but when I get into a project, I seem to let time slide away. So, it's time to put time limits on things and stick to them.

So wish me luck on this Manic Monday as I attempt to put a certain flexible routine into my life. :)

And each week will not be a Manic Monday post. On every second Monday, I'll be hosting a fellow Musa authors on my blog, and you guessed it it will be called Musa Monday. I am SOOOO imaginative. But it does have a certain ring to it, right? *wink*



Jenny Schwartz said...

A flexible routine seems healthy to me. I've always envied, but never managed to copy, the people who can stick to a rigid routine. With me, something always goes wrong or I get distracted -- oooh! Twitter. No, I'm kidding about Twitter. The real issue is changing priorities and not having limitless time and energy.

Good luck with the new plan, Eleni :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Eleni,

Good luck with that flexible routine. It's a lot easier said than done. At least I find it that way. The only thing on my 'must do' list each is write. Everything else after that has to takes its own chances.

Hope your back is not giving you too much pain. :)

Eleni Konstantine said...

I so hear you, Jenny. Some people are very rigid but I can't be that way.

Sandy, yep it definitely is easier said than done. Already the routine is sagging but I'm doing more to-do lists ATM. I'm keeping it flexible. I had to postpone grocery shopping a day because I wasn't feeling the best (yep, back still niggling), but if I can do this this change/swap, then it's okay.

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