Sunday, 1 July 2012

Super Sunday:

The quote

The funnies


My publisher's story of how they came to be is on their About Us page. They really are a publishing house they talks to their authors and creates a great community. Thanks, Musa! You are Super, indeed.

Coming up

Don't forget that Tamara Gill will be my guest on Wednesday this week for her blog hop.

I'll be at the Dark Side DownUnder this week on Thursday, giving away a copy of Enchanted Realms.

On the Friday the 13th -ooooooh - I'll be over at fellow Musa author, Clarissa Johal.

I'll be on the Musa blog on Saturday 21st.

Do you have Blogger?

Oh, and on a sidenote with Blogger. There seems to be something strange happening when you try and put bullets into blog posts - it makes the background behind the text go white. To get rid of this you can go into the HTML code, or just not use it until it's fixed. Hopefully that's soon. Because I'm a list girl and I love my bullet points!

"And that's all, folks....."



Anonymous said...

Love those funnies, Eleni.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Sandy, it's amazing what people send you or you find on Facebook... :)

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