Monday, 9 July 2012

Manic Monday

As usual it's been a busy old time for me.

I'm in the middle of edits for my novella, Gateway to Hell.

The conference planning is heating up with all things going to final stages. Only 35 days to go. Eeek. Why not check out the latest blog post on the Author Cafe.

Enchanted Realms is now available from Amazon.

I had a hiatus from blogging over on Eleni's Library, but have now updated it.  I'm not doing fantastic at my challenges but it's been a frantic year. So am happy that I've read and am reading something.

Eleni's Taverna has some minor cosmetic adjustments. I replaced the blue font with orange. How do you like it? And I've also added on the side bar, my upcoming appearances. Still some work to do but it's a job that gets done between others.

And in my design life, I've decided to have the blog back on the HelzKat Designs site rather than tumblr. If you are interested in the design work I do, why not go and follow.

Here's my latest design for Claytons 2012 (Romance Writers of Australia).


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