Friday, 22 June 2012

Post study....

for now...

I've finished my assignments and now I get to the backlog of work I have waiting for me. So three weeks of catching up. I hope I can get to it all.

Firstly, I had thought I had blogged about this, but it seems not. I seem to have only mentioned it on Facebook.

I'll be at the SA Writer's Centre tomorrow as part of the ASA's E-Exchange Day for writers and illustrators

"The E-Exchange is a one-day forum giving an overview of eBooks, rights issues, the changes taking place within the industry and how they will impact directly on you.
The seminar includes people already working across platforms, who will talk about their experiences, the difficulties they have faced and the issues involved. Industry experts will discuss the business aspects and coming trends in digital publishing, and a panel discussion allows members to ask specific questions.
This is an opportunity to make contacts within the industry, speak with innovators and learn how authors and illustrators can use various media in their creative work."

I'll be talking about blogging - it's pros and cons, and my experience with it.

You can sign up on the ASA page.

Yes, it's tomorrow, but there are places left if you are interested. I suggest you bring your receipt.

If you are in Brisbane, the next E-Exchange will be there in July, so check it out at the above link.

Next, another first for me - I just got my galleys for Enchanted Realms, so looks like no rest for the wicked this weekend, as I go through this ready for next!!! week's release.

Don't forget you can pre-order my this from the Musa Publishing site. But keep an eye out next week as I will be hosting a giveaway on this blog....

I'll also be on the Dark Side DownUnder blog on the 5th July, on the Musa Publishing blog on the 21st July, and still to be decided regarding a date, at Jaime Kristal - Tales of a Book Lover

Now back I go into the cave - this time for writing!


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