Friday, 4 May 2012

Writing Update

I'm starting to feel more like a real author.

I have just received my first edits for Enchanted Realms, the anthology due for release on 29th June. Yes, for those who don't know much about the publishing industry - you read right,  first edits. Because it will go through at least another round. Don't worry, I'll keep you informed of the process. Think of it as my educational piece.

I have also filled out a cover brief and am waiting to see what the art department come up with! I may have other shorts published, but never have I had anything to do with covers. So it's quite exciting.

Other news is that the novella, Gateway to Hell, has been scheduled for release for 7th September 2012. So I will be able to enjoy this release fully without being in the middle of conference planning for the Gold Coast conference.

And finally, I have an Author page up on Facebook. So please come along and 'Like' me.

Life has been mad with family stuff and study now getting back into full swing, that I haven't been hanging around the social media circuit, other than to do the social media for the conference.

As for my goals for April - did I reach them? Um...sort of.

I entered one competition (not two), I looked over a short story but haven't started the edits yet, and I started the process to get my ITIN (got the Aussie part done).

So for May:

  • Finish edits for Enchanted Realms
  • Submit to short story anthology
  • Continue ITIN stuff.
  • Start a structural edit of my Shadow novella.

Fingers crossed!


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