Saturday, 28 April 2012

Stunning Saturday: Movie Posters

I love movie posters. I love looking at the movies coming out or just released when I go to the cinema. Like book covers, they promise a world of escape, and like book covers have to convey the feel of the film.

It occurred to me that I've never featured movie posters, despite some pretty stunning artwork. Now, with films having bigger budgets, you would expect the posters to always be stunning, but that isn't always so. And of course everyone has different point of view of what 'stunning' actually is.

Here are some that appealed to me this week. Most are upcoming movies, but some have been released.  Can you detect a certain speculative fiction feel? Yep, I think being a writer of fantasy and paranormal stories, I am attracted to these type of posters. But I think they are also usually braver in colour and use of font and placings (oh, here comes the design side of me).

Animated films usually get it right. With their audience being the youngies, they would have to be.
However, both of these look a little darker, so would think for the older kids.  Love the richness of colours, and love the Brave font. 

Who says Snow White has to be the same? Look at the feel of these two posters. One's very dark, the other one lighter. Seeing the movie clip for Snow White and the Huntsman, I know it's a very dark tale and the imagery is apt. Not having seen anything of Mirror, Mirror, I don't know how if it does reflect the film, but it is definitely appears to be lighter in tone. Doesn't Julia Roberts look both stunning and angry at the same time? Watch out Snow White!

A Total Recall remake? I would think so from the font because it reminds me of the original with Arnie. Love the scattered look as if the man is blowing away. I've heard of Prometheus but not really seen anything on it. The poster is alluring, scary and stunning. Kinda reminds me of the original Alien feel. 

 Now to things adapted from books - YA and a comics to be precise. The Hunger Games is everywhere. I have the book but not read it yet. Love the intensity of the poster and the colour scheme. Avengers - having just the logo is stunningly simple.

So there it is. The first Stunning Saturday to feature movie posters. Is this something you would be interested in seeing on a more regular basis?



Anonymous said...

Rise of the Guardians! Ms De Rooy will be happy, seeing as how Chris Pine plays Jack Frost! :)

I think Mirror, Mirror is a bit light hearted and I'll bet Julia Roberts had a fun time being evil!

Eleni Konstantine said...

LOL, Sandy - oh, yes, she would be waiting outside the theatre on day one! :)

I like that the two Snow White movies are different in tone. Thanks for confirming that Mirror, Mirror is light. Ta.

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