Sunday, 26 February 2012

Missing Days

Yep, it's the weekend and I haven't done my usual columns. Sorry about that.

Yes, I could have done a Sunday one, but I thought I'd do a combined post. Life is mega busy and I've been sidetracked with home stuff and conference preparation - only a few days to go until we announce release the conference information! How exciting.

Last year on the DarkSiders blog, I had a giveaway of a A Song of Ice and Fire calendar by artist John Picacio. I got myself one at the same time (grin) and I had wanted to show you every month's picture because they so amazingly beautiful, but have totally forgotten about it until now.

So you get a double whammy today...

Bran Stark

Jon Snow and Ghost

Truly, just wonderful art. When I walk into my study, I see the calendar and it's an inspiration.

Have a great week!

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