Monday, 20 February 2012

Manic Monday

Well from the title of the post, you can gather things are rather manic in my life.

As well as study, writing, design work, conference organisation, exercise, trying on occasion to have a social life, there is also the family health problems. This time my mum is in hospital with an ongoing health problem.

It was busy before, it's manic now. So my plan of attack is to do one step at a time. Some things will definitely fall behind, and I doubt I will go to as many exercise sessions this week, but something has to give, and the last couple of days has shown me how much I need to get my sleep.

So excuse me while I do this:

Right, that's now out of my system.

Writing update 

  • I have been doing some editing. Have shown my reworked prologue to some CPs and they love the direction it's taken. Huzzah.

  • My June release from Musa Publishing, will be called ENCHANTED REALMS, and it will feature my short stories Stormy Divide and Angel Eyes.

  • No news on any submissions.

  • I got a new chair for my computer and already I feel more comfortable. Yay. 

I've got a couple of blog posts scheduled this week, so you'll still see me here. I haven't been able to get onto Facebook regularly. I'm thinking of getting an Author page, but that's not on the top of the list at the moment. 



Derek said...

It sounds as though the green shoots of springtime are bursting through in your life. Congratulations on your forthcoming publication. Guess you better do more writing!

Anita Joy said...

One moment, Eleni.... "Aaaagh". Hope you don't mind me joning in!

Jenny Schwartz said...

Aargh sounds like a sensible response. Take care -- and definitely guard your sleep. Hope your mum comes home soon.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Sorry folks for being late with my reply. It's still manic, though I just stopped to watch a movie on DVD - so a little bit of down time.

Derek, I love that! What a great way to look at being busy. Thanks.

Anita - thanks for joining in!

Jenny - thanks - mum is home now. Better. Fingers crossed there are no relapses.

E x

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