Monday, 23 January 2012

Writing Update

It's been busy in my world. What else is new?

Well, quite a lot actually. I'm now a student again. Not officially- I still have to enrol. But I'll be doing Graphic Design in part time capacity. So starting February, it's back into the classroom for me.

Though I did spend three days in a drawing class as a sort of pre-requisite for the course. Very full on but very fulfilling. But it did make me grateful I hadn't picked full time as I wouldn't have coped. I may seem to do a lot but it's not all in one hit. I can't do 9-5, I know, so I adjust my schedules to suit me. I think the Ancient Greeks had it right when they said, 'Know Thyself'.

Still January seems to be the month of courses, as I'm also doing a time management course run by Kitty Bucholtz, and doing a Writing with the Senses by Dr Gillian Pollack. I think that will be it for the online stuff unless there is something I really want to do. But again, it's about scheduling.

So far, this update hasn't been much about writing. Where does writing fit in?

Oh, it's there, don't worry. Maybe not so much this week, but it's there.

I'm polishing a novel and writing a short story. I also attended a SARA meeting, so it's very much part of the schedule.

If  you haven't seen it yet, my flash fiction, Changes, is up on Antipodean SF. There will be another story up in March, and I'll have my two short stories out by Musa Publishing in June. So a good year for the short stories. I hope to have more out by the end of it.

If you haven't read any of my short stories, you can find links to them on my short stories page on my website.

Righto, back to work.


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