Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 goals

Yes, it's that time of the year when a look at how I did at achieving lasts year's goals and coming up with new ones.

My goals for 2011 were:

  • Edit – DreamTamer, Gateway to Hell, Clown story, sanctuary sci-fi story (for Aus anthology) - umm, no, yes, no, yes
  • Write – Shadow novella, Lady & the Dragon, short story for MZB’s Sword & Sorcery anthology - yes, no, sort of
  • Read resources on writing I have on my shelf - no
  • Overhall website - changed the banner and font. Still not complete overhaul
  • Enter Little Gems Short Story - yes
  • Enter Little Gems cover contest - yes
  • Submit once stories are polished :) Hoping to sumbit one novel, two novellas and 6 short stories - no, one novella, yes
  • Overhaul my CFS blog - no

What I didn't account for when setting the goals was my start up of a design business, family health, family commitments, and volunteer commitments. 

On to 2012...

This year, I possibly be taking up some study, so I need to keep that in mind as well as being on the conference committee for Diamonds Are Forever, and my new exercise routine. I've been going to the gym two to three times a week, doing some pilates and Tai Chi also. I'd love to keep that up as the more energy I have, the more I can do in other aspects in my life. But I want to make sure I have a couple of days a week which are 'low key' days so I can have some rest. Again, it's a matter of balancing. 


  • Write Warder 2 novella
  • Finish first draft of Lady & The Dragon
  • Write 4 short stories

  • Finish HD editing by March
  • Shadow book 1
  • DreamTamer 
  • Short stories -  including reworking 2 old short stories

  • Submit Warder 2
  • Submit 4 short stories
  • A look at my website
  • obtain ITIN
  • Attend RWAus conference
  • Exchange work with CPs
  • Promo when short story releases occur
  • Continue networking on FB, Twitter, and blogs etc.

  • Continue with exercise routine - 3 exercise sessions a week
  • Balance - rest when need to


  • Do a drawing class 
  • Prepare timetable each week to include study (if I'm accepted into the course I've applied for) and make sure everything is up to date. This of course will have smaller goals throughout the year.

  • Conference preparation for Diamonds Are Forever on Gold Coast in August.
  • Attend SARA meetings
  • RWAus duties

Wish me luck!

How about you? Have you set any goals?

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