Saturday, 31 December 2011

Yia sou 2011

I just wanted to say bye to 2011. You have been a strange year with good things happening with some short stories being published, and some not so good things happening with family and friends.

It was the year of me starting to get back into exercise after a few attempts, and that has hopefully sunk in with a combination of Curves, Pilates, and Tai Chi.

It was the year of being part of the Clayton's Conference and the whirlwind that was that, and working with wonderful people to put it all together.

It was the year I decided to go into design as well as writing, with book covers and banners being created over at HelzKat Designs.

It was the year of learning more about design by doing, and applying for a course so I can learn more.

It was the year I allowed HD to rest and be away from me. The poor thing.

It was the year I did my first podcast for a short story (Dragon's Quest).

It was the year of volunteering - yep more volunteering with RWAus.

It was the year of reading more books by my writing buddies.

It was the year of selling two short stories to Musa.

It was the year of blogging more in feature format.

It was the year of still having chronic fatigue (and all that means) and learning more coping mechanisms.

It was the year called 2011.

Now, it's on to 2012 in less than a day.

Thanks 2011. You may not always have brought good things, but you made me appreciate what I do have in my life.

Thanks to you all for being with me through this year. I hope to see you back next year.

Yia Sou 2011!

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